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Russian on a roadside of Davos

On the Swiss resort Davos again crowds of known politicians, businessmen and economists from every corner of the globe. Here the traditional World economic forum on January, 23rd has opened. This time - under the motto to Recreate trust . That absolutely it is no wonder if to remember loud scandals with audit in the largest American corporations. Head of a forum of Klaus Shvab declared even a crusade against infringements of corporate ethics.

from the CIS while only the president of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev and new Ukrainian prime minister Yanukovych here were lighted. This time the official Russian delegation is, more than ever, small also. It not the prime minister, and only Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref also heads. From oligarchs here while are noticed only the steelmaker Alexey Mordashov, oil industry workers Vahid Alakbarov and Michael Khodorkovsky. There are no also many known Russian politicians.

And it it is no wonder. The Russian subject - on a roadside of Davos discussions and conferences. The world elite is more and more anxious by the corporate scandals which have called landslide falling of the financial markets, strong easing of dollar, and possible war in Iraq. Russia will emerge only twice: today, on January, 25th, and in penultimate day - on January, 27th. On Saturday our relations will be discussed with the European Union, and on Monday - a business climate in Russia. As it is known, in 2002 the western investors did not indulge us the capitals. And as Herman Gref has already declared, it is very important to hear from them, why. But can happen that without Russian scandal will not manage. In Davos there should be chronic opponents: the adviser of the president Andrey Illarionov and the head of the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY Anatoly Chubays. So, their public skirmish not to avoid. And still to speak about cooling of Davos to Russia, probably, early. In April in Moscow will pass special exit session of a forum.

today in Davos antiglobalists should undertake the traditional protest action. In a city one and a half thousand policemen are pulled already together.