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Antropov`s apartment will sell by auction

In the near future one of last star apartments of an epoch of stagnation will change hands - on auction are exposed apartments Yury Antropov, the former Secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

the four-room apartment of the late Secretary general is to the address known all country: the Kutuzovsky prospectus, the house 26. All realtor agencies in which we asked about presumable sale price of apartment, unanimously confirmed - the sum will exceed several times market cost of similar apartment in the same area. There`s nothing to be done - for possession real estate of the mighty of this world who even was, it is necessary to pay...

correspondents have tried to learn more about sold dwelling - from the point of view of the buyer. We have entered into a court yard even with some thrill - well as, on this asphalt Brezhnev and Suslov`s feet went... The thrill has there and then begun to decline, it was necessary to me to slip on a usual slushy path. Yes, the court yard is not in the best status - blockages from snowdrifts, buried cars in snow...

an entrance - a usual ragged wooden door, the simple coded lock, a pool before an input.

yard keeper Nikolay Ivanovich has told to us:

- I here work for a long time already, each apartment have personally visited. Here on each floor on two apartments, only Brezhnev occupied all ladder platform individually. They lived the friend over the friend, from above Michael Andreevich Suslov, under it Antropov, and a floor more low Leonid Ilich. What for apartment was at Antropov? Yes anything especial - four rooms, a floor space there is less than hundred metres... Any especial repair there did not become. At Brezhnev during lifetime in a hall linoleum in a section lay, as in polyclinic, furniture type-setting. Here and at Antropov as in apartment was - now the people where lives more richly...

After Yury Vladimirovicha`s death in these apartments his wife lived some time, and then the apartment long was empty. Then it has got certain composer Petrov .

Tenants, by the way, have not left yet - in windows and now light burns, simple curtains hang.

Antropov`s neighbour in an entrance Vladimir Ivanovich Dolgih, the former secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and now the councillor of directors of the company Norilsk nickel tells:

- Neighbours at an entrance have, of course, exchanged. But anything, people decent, I am quite happy with the neighbourhood. From old guards remained I yes Carps.

is what Carps? A leah the well-known writer, the Hero of Soviet Union?

- you that, do not know Karpova? Eh, youth...


In realtor agency through which the apartment will be on sale, a surname of the potential buyer do not name, however nevertheless confirm: the new owner of historical real estate will be not less well-known, than its predecessor.

by estimations of the realtors, today similar real estate leaves approximately on 2 thousand dollars for square metre. But, considering that the given apartment actually nominal to receive for it it is possible considerably a great sum. A minimum $500 000!