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Schwarzenegger will ruin the autodealer from Ohio

the Well-known Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently has submitted 22 - the million judicial claim on the little-known seller of motor vehicles for illegal use of its photo in the advertising purposes. The repeated title holder Mr. the Universe has revolted impudence the businessman from dense the State of Ohio.

unfortunate to which the utter ruin now threatens, has dared to give the modest announcement of the firm in one of local newspapers under a picture from a film Terminator . Its note has held on only one day, there were no yet Schwarz`s lawyers.

of preparing judicial session of Arni wants to make indicative process for the numerous dishonest dealers willingly using its image for increase of sales of the goods. The actor has registered the image and a surname as a trade mark and consequently competitors are not necessary to it. Without having possibility to catch many of them for a hand, Terminator prefers to destroy at least the slowest part a piracy gang .