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Gene of aggression at criminals in blood?

this week month to a drama outcome of events round a musical " was executed; the North - Ost “. The action of the gangsters who have grasped hostages in Moscow, has shaken all by the cruelty and cynicism. However, according to scientists, aggression is not only a consequence of political predilections and religionism. Roots of propensity to murder sometimes are much more deeply - at biological, genetic level. It appears, people who are capable to destroy similar, differ from the majority gomo the sapiens some anomalies in an organism. It was proved by the latest researches of scientists.

Idejavychislenija of the criminal to biological signs has arisen not today. Known Italian psychiatrist Chezare Lombrozo in the end of a XIX-th century has measured heads of criminals and as a result has come to a conclusion that they have certain anomalies in a structure of a skull which do them in bolshej, than other people, degree similar to animals. The people inclined to murder, under the statement of the scientist, is an atavism of mankind, for disposal from which time is required. The Soviet science rejected the theory of Lombrozo, but, can, it which in what was right?

the diagnosis 1:

According to the senior lecturer of the Russian state medical university Vladimir Sitnikova, there is a phenomenon “ supermen “ and “ superwomen “ at which for not clear reasons one of sexual chromosomes is doubled. So, at all men of their all steam - ΥY, and at the majority of serial murderers - ΥYY. At women, accordingly, instead of standard set HH another comes to light - ΥΥY. This syndrome meets at one individual from 800. One of the reasons of this phenomenon as believe, presence in blood of higher quantity of the hormones increasing propensity to aggression is: testosterone, adrenaline, an estrogen, a progesterone. And also the people inclined to violence, distinguishes and the lowered intelligence: average IQ the typical offender is equal to 92 points, that is it is less than average on 8 points. Moreover, the criminality is descended. To psychologists the whole families which throughout generations inherited along with the lowered intelligence and propensity to murder are known. It and is clear: people with an underdeveloped brain are easily inspired, since childhood appear in a role of derelicts and try to show itself, as a rule, in antisocial actions.

the diagnosis 2:

At potential criminals brains “ aslant “. So consider psychologist Richard Davidson and its colleagues from university Wisconsin - Madison (USA). Having made tomograms of a brain of 500 denounced murderers and having compared them to a brain of normal people, they have found out repeating differences in some areas of a bark and a subcortex of a brain which define aggression. According to Davidson, their opening allows not only to reveal beforehand potential criminals, but also opens road to working out “ tablets from aggression “.

the Diagnosis 3:

Professor Valery Vasilev managing stand of biochemistry of the Altay state university, surveyed some thousand persons: safe schoolboys and students, and also women and pupils of the New Altay and Bijsky colonies for the minors denounced for grave crimes. A conclusion: at the heart of aggression pathologically fast metabolism (especially intensively " lies; works “ About 20 hormones) which at normal people is not observed.

the diagnosis 4:

Employees of Institute of psychiatry at the London Royal college investigated genes of group of the boys who have made murders at violence and a robbery. The analysis has shown that the aggressive behaviour is connected with the lowered level of the maintenance in an enzyme organism monoaminoksidazy. “ the Genetic structure connected with low level of activity of this enzyme, has about third of population, - professor Terri Moffitt speaks. - If, for example, with the child having this type of a genetic structure, were badly converted at early age there is very much a high probability of that the murderer will grow from it “.

the Diagnosis 5:
the American chemist is TOO MUCH LEAD

- the analyst of Uolter Uolch has conducted researches, having compared a chemical compound of hair of murderers and legislative citizens. Also it has appeared that the organism of aggressors contains abnormal quantity of chemical elements. The lowered level of lithium, a lack of cobalt and the raised maintenance of lead and cadmium in an organism of criminals upsets mentality and ministers the reason of uncontrollable behaviour.

the Senior lecturer of the Russian state medical university Vladimir SITNIKOV:

- it is possible to present Our genes in the form of a grand piano on which environment carries out various melodies. And if in this grand piano there is a defective string the false note will jump out in the presence of provoking circumstances.

that gitlery and chikatily never on light appeared, it is hypothetically possible to correct genes at all those who since the early childhood shows aggression signs. For this purpose it is necessary to find the people, incapable to kill under no circumstances. Then to decipher genetic programs which completely block ability to murder, and to spend corresponding correction of a genofund. Sounds fantastically, but the modern science can soon solve such problems. Other question, a leah the society is ready to such scenario? Genetic monitoring “ antisocial illnesses “ demands a legislative regulation. After all for genetic operations inspection not only criminals, but also members of their families, relatives is necessary. The problem as we see, is not especially medical, it biologo - social. But it is necessary to do something, that blood on our planet did not flow such rough streams, as now...