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Treatment by cages: for and against

It is known that already today by means of cellular therapy doctors rescue hundreds hopeless patients. Instead of so a long time the Canadian scientists, managed to replace a pancreas cage, have been nominated for the Nobel Prize. And very few people knows that the Soviet physicians have seized this technology still in the end of 1970 - h years.

that such treatment by cages ?

Present: to the patient do a prick of the preparation containing so-called deckman cages, and its organism... It starts to be updated wonderfully.

that occurs? As the scientists invisible to an eye healers - deckman cages have found out - contain in many bodies of the person, from a skin to a marrow. They are forbears all other cages and consequently are capable to restore the hurt sites of a human body.

the Present revolution in the medicine world has occurred, when physicians have started to use deckman cages of the human embryos possessing ability to turn to many other cages for rescue of hopeless patients. After all in an embryo all bodies - heart, a liver, kidneys are put. And if, for example, to the person with blood disease to enter cages embrionalnoj a liver, they meet a lack, and illness recedes.

one more worthiness embrionalnyh cages - they are not torn away by an organism. There is enough, that 5 % of the entered cages were combined with a sick fabric at least! Getting to an organism, they will mobilise its protective forces, treat and rejuvenate.

many doctors are assured: by means of cellular therapy it is possible to consult with set of the hardest illnesses: from diseases warmly - vascular system, respiratory organs and digestion to illnesses of blood, kidneys, a liver, endokrinnyh, oncological and other diseases. It successfully apply in obstetrics, gynecology and gerontology. And it is still improbable, but the fact: patients after this operation look younger literally in the face of! Wrinkles are smoothed, the general tone of an organism raises. But it is faster pleasant ghost effect, a main objective of cellular therapy - struggle against the hardest, sometimes deadly diseases.

the Ukrainian scientists ahead of a planet of all?

On open spaces CIS two methods of cellular therapy today practise. The first is used at us in Russia, in one of capital institutes - a method of change of a living tissue. The second was developed by scientists of the Kiev centre of technologies embrionalnyh fabrics - a method kriokonservatsii. The Ukrainian physicians have learnt to freeze live cages at very low temperature - temperature of liquid nitrogen. By estimations of experts, this technology is today most advanced and reliable. If at change of a living tissue the majority of cages instantly perish, their frozen colleagues remain live and healthy. Besides after cage frosts it is possible to sort - to separate patients from the healthy.

according to physicians, after careful testing, virologic and bacteriological control vybrakovyvaetsja approximately 80 % of preparations. And only the remained 20 % get to an organism of the patient.

workings out of the Ukrainian scientists advance today all foreign on 10 - 15 years. And it is not casual. In Soviet period Ukraine became the main centre of researches of change of cages and fabrics. The government of independent Ukraine also has supported perspective researches. And not only it is material, but also legally, having passed of the law on transplantation. Unlike Russia where such law is not present, so, there is no also a legal possibility to put scientific achievements into practice. In Ukraine opening of scientists with might and main take root into applied medicine: in country clinics it is already made more than 8 thousand cellular transplantations.

when the classical medicine does not consult...

Unlike the most complicated technology kriokonservirovanija cages operation on their introduction in an organism is simple and painless. It is a usual prick - an intramuscular or intravenous injection more often. In more difficult cases of a cage it is possible to enter directly during operation into the hurt bodies.


Use of embryos unethically?

In many countries till now there are discussions: to resolve or not researches of deckman cages? And nobody doubts the scientific and medical importance of cellular transplantology. Opponents simply consider unethical use of the human embryos received as a result of abortions. The World Health Organization has in this respect taken of absolutely accurate position: that is important and valuable to health of the person, should be accepted and it is authorised.

And HOW at THEM?

In Great Britain and France only the official permission to research of human deckman cages recently has been given. In the USA this question was long discussed by National biomedical board on consultations in ethics sphere. As a result the commission has allowed to use the cages taken from embryos. But only from what are received as a result of artificial insemination and then were not required (it is usually impregnated bolshee number jajtsekletok, than it is required for the women, wishing to become pregnant).