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In what a secret of your longevity?

Boris YEFIMOV, the national artist of the USSR (102 years):
- I half in jest respond To this question that a longevity secret on that and a secret that it not to open. And if it is serious, it seems to me, it is not necessary to be set by these questions: how long to live, what products to eat? It is necessary to live simply!

Marina LADYNINA, the actress (94 years):
- Recently has received the letter from Mary El`s republic. One woman writes that at me the kind good angel, because and I live so long on pleasure to spectators. And I think that the spectator from whom till now I receive a lot of love, and is my good angel. And can, a secret of my longevity that I have not solved secret of life. Till now I decide that such good, harm, love and envy.  

Nikolay BAJBAKOV, eks - the chairman of the State Planning Committee of the USSR, the main research assistant of Institute of problems of oil and gas AN (91 year):  
    - In work. Till now three times a week I go on service, I am engaged in public work. I after all the president of Fund Russian - the Azerbaijan friendship. Still I try to move more and not to overeat. I consider that it is impossible to abuse any pleasures of life.

Nikita DOCTRINAL, the composer (89 years):
  - the Recipe of my longevity for 50 percent consists in irony to those things which should disturb. Thanks and to parents. They have given me fun and cheerfulness genes. I would like to create and create till now.

Lydia SMIRNOVA, the actress (87 years):
- the Main thing - love to life.

PETROV`S Elizabeth, the former teacher of geography, the librarian of school 199 Moscow (83 years):
  - Anything never did especial, except morning exercices. Simply I happy. Any large error for all life has not made. And if I could repeat all, I would change nothing: and in marriage left for the same person, and to school again would come.

Barbarian REVUNOVA, the former nurse, the Kalatch - on - Don the Volgograd region (82 years):
- the Secret - in people. Small town at us not small, and I almost in the person know all: till 70 years has worked the nurse in maternity home. All city, honour, through my hands has passed. And one and a half years ago in we wash maternity home my fourth great-grandson Sashok was born. Life goes on!  

Konstantin BESKOV, the well-known football player and the trainer of a national team of the USSR (81 year):
- Itself I can not understand. Perhaps what I till 75 years trained and was engaged with football players in gymnastics? And can, that we with wife Leroj together here 57 years.

Irina TROITSK, the manager. Archive (78 years, the work experience in - 45 years):
- I Think, that I very much love ours -   45 years every day with the great pleasure I go for work. I could work with eleven editors-in-chief - and all years I remember with gratitude. The main thing, probably, was interesting to work and live.