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America will attack Russia in 2010

a certain Vladimir Krasilnikova`s Material already has done an alarm in the highest imperious offices. The material is passed to examination to the best military analysts which conclusions of special service have demanded to code. Therefore has decided to make own examination.

today we publish endurances from a material of Krasilnikova and comments of experts.

Krasilnikov about a status it is rocket - a nuclear board...

2010... This moment coincides on time with achievement of the lowest status of a nuclear board by Russia. Old rockets have started up under a knife, new in enough had not time to make. That minute quantity of rockets the Poplar - M with one warhead which now with such nespeshnostju is made on Votkinsk factory, cannot protect us from threat. Especially it cannot neboegotovye and the extremely vulnerable They are 95 and They be 160 (strategic bombers. - Red.) and pair - three PLARB (nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles. - Red.) - everything that at us remains by then from there is no time mighty fleet.

... About to a Satan and the Poplar ...

one the Satan (nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile RS - 20. - Red.) costs 100 - 120 rockets the Poplar - M . At us such animals as the Satan was 308 (today 154. - Red.) . And it is conditional - an equivalent 30 000 mine Poplars - M . Rockets the Satan punched and destroyed any ABM, clearing away a way to 1200 more rockets RVSN, including 10 - block RS - 22, mobile soil to Poplars to the most powerful potential of diving and air rocket carriers. Total blow if it to measure in Poplars - M made not less than 60 thousand pieces.

now we have three regiments Poplars - M (30 pieces). And manufacture on 4 - 6 pieces in a year (instead of 30 - 50 as it was planned). It is easy to count up, to 2010 - 2012 at us will be no more than hundred Poplars - M ... And it is more than anything!

it means that our potential will decrease in 600 times in comparison with 1991 and becomes comparable to nuclear potential of China. The American experts precisely know a real resource of our rockets RS - 20 - it will end by 2007...

... About sudden American blow...

In 2010 of the USA will have possibility to strike sudden blow from submarines, the surface ships, planes - invisible beings B - 2 (without coming into an operative range of our air defence), mobile soil launchers from territories of the countries which have recently entered into the block of the NATO, tens thousand winged rockets with range in four - five thousand kilometres. Some hundreds such rockets with nuclear heads of low power of deep penetration garantirovanno, with fivefold reservation, will destroy one hundred mine Poplars and command points.

... About diving nuclear boats...

By 2010 in the sea there will be at the best an one and only Russian boat - the strategist (from 2 - 3 walking ) Which from the pier will conduct from tens boats of the USA - absolutely silent murderers of a class Sivulf plus system of early detection.

... About strategic aircraft...

It will be destroyed in home airfields at the first o`clock of operation. Even in case of dispersal of strategic aircraft all airdromes can be broken winged rockets with nuclear warheads of low power of all from one boat which has silently approached to New Land.

... About the threatened period...

will not be any the threatened period . By 2010 in the USA CONSTANT mobilisation will be reached. Any land operation. Any preliminary expansion of groupings. The plan of blow without term, without concrete date, at any moment.

... About air defence status...

Only last year the prospecting aircraft of the USA has executed more than 800 flights along our borders and more than hundred times interfered on our territory. After disorder of the USSR the uniform system of air control has stopped the existence. Today over territory of Russia there are the zones which are not supervised RLS, exceeding in the sizes territory of France.

... About strategic plans of the USA...

America on - former considers Russia as the main opponent and is not going to refuse this doctrine.

America does not presume risk of revival of Russia, but it is not capable completely and to destroy definitively Russia without direct aggression.

... About national antimissile defence of the USA...

the Russian rocket which has Broken in space the flight of the American companions - fighters of ballistic warheads will wait... Even if this boundary will be passed, a warhead will destroy protivoraketami the ABM of land and sea basing.

it at start-up of 300 rockets the Satan the American ABM faced from 3000 present warheads and 12 000 false, absolutely choking among 15 000 purposes and powerful generators of hindrances. And it will bring down some warheads and will not be stifled...

... About destruction of rockets...

the Contract about SNV - 2 provided almost unilateral disarmament of Russia. On it we should blow up one and a half hundreds mines, destroy all our heavy 10 - block rockets RS - 20 and RS - 22, a basis of our nuclear forces of restraint to alter with multi-billion expenses our structure of nuclear forces in favour of the extremely vulnerable aviation and sea components.

and our Duma under the pressure of the Kremlin has voted for ratification of this humiliating, nothing the giving contract actually disarming the country...

For us deadly threat is represented by disorder of global system of restraint as a whole. It persistently collapsed the USA and will be soon definitively destroyed. By 2010. Thus, the way to non-nuclear war with Russia becomes opened...


Who such Krasilnikov?

We have tried through the Internet and edition the Spark (there there has passed its publication) to contact Krasilnikovym. Vainly...

in general staff RVSN and in scientifically - research establishments of the Minister of Defence come out with the assumption that is a pseudonym of the person, having any kasatelstvo to it is rocket - a nuclear problematics .

the Officers of the Joint Staff supervising RVSN, consider that Krasilnikovym There can be a whole soccer team - from the military journalist who has become skilled in a rocket problematics to the clerk of the average hand who have been dug round in any military man of scientific research institute.

Genshtabovsky experts do not exclude that Krasilnikov - a banal megaphone of the lobbyists achieving new budgetary injections in rocket manufacture.


Andrey JAKOVLEV, the lieutenant colonel, the staff officer of a rocket part: Calculations are made very roughly

- the Comparative arithmetic analysis of rockets the Satan - the Poplar can impress only the nonspecialist. Calculations are made very roughly. It is purely emotional, instead of a professional conclusion. As though we worried about unenviable destiny RVSN, it is not necessary to fool people.

But that Russia has too hasty arranged during Yeltsin times a rocket striptease in front of the USA and profukala The moment when it was necessary to force to be reduced Americans as equals instead of to run ahead of a steam locomotive - here I with Krasilnikovym agree all hundred.

Vladimir KLIMOV, the colonel of a stock, the former assistant to the commander of division RVSN: Basically Krasilnikov of the rights

- If our rocket armies will re-equip present rates, basically Krasilnikov of the rights. By 2010 total fighting potential RVSN can appear in to a hole that is at rather low level. And after all already today we should not speak about any paritetnosti with Americans though such paritetnost it is provided by contracts about SNV.

While it is impossible to predict precisely, what quantity Poplars through 7 - 8 years will be necessary for Russia for symmetric parrying is rocket - nuclear threats. After all by then the world will be already another.

Vladimir DVORKIN, the general - the major, the professor, a Dr.Sci.Tech., long time headed scientific research institute of the Minister of Defence, took up the problems of development of Strategic nuclear forces: it is Too much lies

- the Lie at Krasilnikova is present practically at each paragraph. Since a horror story about 2010.

the first. No full-scale American ABM by this time can be for purely technical reasons. It is a question on which now nobody can give the exact answer. Though I suppose that a number of echelons of the ABM will be already created by 2015. A question only in how much the system will be dense. Also its echelons, including means of interception of rockets for an active site of a trajectory will be how much effective.

the second. The known program on re-equipment of four of 18 PLARB with ballistic missiles for non-nuclear winged rockets Krasilnikov represents as total reequipment of submarines.

the Third. Expansion of 100 thousand winged rockets - also a fruit of mad imagination of the author. It even for the USA very heavy (and unnecessary) the program which, by the way, could not be hidden in the military budget. Well and that accuracy the Poplar - M ostensibly worse, than rockets the Satan and capacity boezarjada three times more low - on a broader scale it is exemplary - indicative lies. At least because accuracy of the rocket developed for 20 years later, always above.

now about nuclear restraint. The Russian strategic nuclear forces should save in the long term ability to overcome any ABM in reciprocal actions. It is for this purpose necessary in the long term (after 2015) Sufficient grouping of rockets the Poplar - M together with perspective sea rockets, including mobile land complexes.

to say that Americans will intercept our rockets from space, - it is strange. They also can place the antimissile weapon on air and sea carriers. The USA it is unessential to have bases directly round Russia as ABM means can take place by the surface ships and planes with the laser weapon. But I once again want to underline that the Russian Federation it does not threaten. It has all possibilities to support from the USA strategic balance after an exit of the USA from the Contract on the ABM. It is necessary to correct only the program of building of Strategic nuclear forces, having corrected introduced errors.

the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR

But we in the field of ballet...

But we do rockets and we have blocked Yenisei, and also in the field of ballet ahead of a planet of all - has become outdated, as it is found out, a song of Soviet period. It is time to wean from thought that us anybody to touch will not dare. Proofs are necessary? Please: analytical corporation Rand by request of the Air Forces of the USA writes scenarios of intrusion of the American armies to Russia (see from May, 13th c.) .

Means, serious people in States count different variants. Hence, and we do not need to pull out the head from sand yes to look round on the parties.

alas, the nuclear power of Russia is only one more myth which has got to us in the inheritance from Soviet period. The contract between Russia and the USA about restriction of strategic offensive potentials (SNP), one of these days ratified by the State Duma, speaks about equal level for both countries in 1700 - 2200 nuclear charges. It five times is less, than was in the USSR. But we consider that the contract in our interests. Why? Yes all is simple: on bolshee we do not have money, and so though any visibility of equality from the USA. At them - that money suffices, but they why - that have gone on self-restriction. Think, from pacifistic reasons? Or from compassion to our poverty? As though not so! Simply they expect to achieve the purposes and without the nuclear weapon.

in a horror film about the future war there are two parts: Military and political. With military more and more or less clearly. Term of operation of heavy missiles ( the Satan in particular) it will be prolonged till 2016, and it is possible, and till 2020. For us it is enough to have the nuclear forces capable garantirovanno to overcome antimissile defence of the USA and to put to them an unacceptable damage . Differently: if suddenly, God forbid, to someone from the American politicians will come to mind to strike to us blow in the answer they will receive radioactive craters on a place of the cities.

this new concept of nuclear restraint - time. While old rockets stand on watch, there is time to think of what nuclear forces are necessary to us: or symbolical, like French and British, or the presents capable really to keep any opponent from precipitate steps. Today it, perhaps, optimum way for us - cheap but good.

at Americans other approach. They are so rich that presume to fall asleep to itself of the opponent non-nuclear winged rockets in cost in one million dollars for a piece to conduct investigation by means of unmanned aerial vehicles and hundreds companions; they can cover the soldiers with computers and other hi-tech equipment... But their main weapon - political.

look, what slogans on a banner of army of the USA: universal values, democracy, human rights, a personal freedom, fight against terrorism... At whom language will turn to challenge all this beauty? Though even in the United States with the same freedom all is far not so safely as their propagandists draw, especially after acts of terrorism on September, 11th. What to speak about the countries - allies of the USA... What democracy in kingdom Saudi Arabia?! What freedom in Pakistan?! What rights of Kurds in Turkey?! About banana republics Latin America on a broader scale it is better to hold back. In Afghanistan after intrusion of Americans manufacture of drugs has increased in times. The main value - human life, after all so? Well also rescue from hunger and epidemics Africa instead of financing quite full opposition in Belarus...

in that is continually that slogans slogans, but are also national interests of the USA.

that unites all last wars in which the American army participated? Both in Yugoslavia, and in Afghanistan, and in Iraq - everywhere exod has been predetermined in advance. Americans began operation only with opposition support - obvious or secret, political or military. And the fifth column everywhere was not auxiliary, but the basic means of achievement of the military purpose.

at such strategy the attacking party should have, in - the first, ideological cover ( the fifth column Needs the moral justifying of treachery, and attacking the noble motive for intrusion) is necessary, in - the second, it should be much richer than a ruling mode (opposition creation - business zatratnoe), in - the third, it is necessary to do without mass victims among the peace population (differently the opposition will not keep a situation under control). Last point assumes wide use of the high-precision weapon. All over the world there is only one country, capable to use such strategy to the full extent, - the USA.

and Americans fine realise it. There is in the USA an influential group of the people who now have united round the project the New American century : they openly urge America to use an opportunity for achievement of world hegemony, for construction of World Empire. This group included such visible American politicians, as vice-president Richard Chejni, Richard Perl (the main adviser of the Pentagon), the deputy minister of defence Pol Vulfovets... If someone doubts true intentions American hawks glance on the Internet - a site http:// www. newamericancentury. org/ index. html - frankness of statements simply shocks.

the Unique country which can ruin the plan of creation of the unipolar American world, - Russia. It already it is quite enough to call irritation creators of new empire. Well and if to add a competition for more and more scarce natural resources the motivating will appear even superfluous.

here to you and the answer to a question And what for it is to America? . A leah

Americans against Russia the weapon are ready to risk and use? Now is not present, it can be confirmed with full confidence. And in 10 years?

and here it will depend on us. Submission to the American game rules involves inevitable deterioration of starting conditions for our children, and conditions at them will be and without that not shining. What future will be preferred by elite: let comfortable, but nevertheless vegetation on the second - the third roles on boondocks of the American empire or it will try to argue from the Yankee? The future of Russia depends on the answer to this question, and at all from quantity of rockets. winged rockets fly up only when them do not force down.


In Russia new types of the weapon - armours of new generation, including strategic purpose are created... This weapon will allow to provide defensibility of Russia and its allies in long-term prospect... Serious making military reform there is a strengthening and upgrade of nuclear forces of restraint .

the President of Russia Vladimir PUTIN.
(From the message to Federal Meeting, on May, 16th, 2003.)