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Dmitry Alenichev: Simply I want to win an UEFA Cup!

affairs in our football so-so move ahead. Speak, time is necessary, and victories will come. And those to whom to suffer unbearable, go to Europe where try to win something decent. Dima Alenichev this year is with interest rewarded for the overseas drudgeries. It became the champion of Portugal, and today can become the first Russian - the owner of an UEFA Cup! The decisive match of this tournament will take place this environment in the Spanish Seville. A direct transmission of a duel Scottish Seltika and Portuguese to Port look in 22. 35 on TV channel Russia . And some days before a match Dmitry has given interview Dima, Russians still never won an UEFA Cup. And on a broader scale after disorder of the USSR not much that won. It turns out, in case of victory over Seltikom you become the most titled football player of Russia. Knees do not shiver?

- I do not pay to it attention. The main thing - to leave in the field and to win this cup. And what I thus will put records, me not too interests. I will not tell that on a broader scale to me it is uninteresting, but command results for me it is more important.

- the command has already won the championship of Portugal. Do not stop on the reached?

- we Will try! It is the big day for club and for me personally. I think, we have every chance on victory, though Seltik of course, very serious rival.

- successes of your club in Euro cups and the championship of Portugal became pledge of your returning in a national team. How in club have conceived additional loading on the leading player?

- it is normal. Children and a management have congratulated me on returning in a national team. Have wished good luck.

- in Portugal now special attention to elimination matches? After all in a year the European championship will pass in this country?

- Attention to the European championship there very big. New stadiums are under construction at once some. All wait for it, Portugal pomeshana on football.

- after have accepted the World championship in Japan and Korea, apparently, that a similar feast in Europe cannot turn out.

is an erroneous opinion. Portugueses will concede to nobody in ability to organise similar competition.

- far from the native land the tuxedo from application finds?

- Now it hangs in a case, waits for a great occasion, someone`s wedding, for example.

- to Watch the championship of Russia it is possible?

- Is not present, unfortunately.

- but you know that at Spartaka now position gloomy.

- I Know. But to explain that there occurs, it is necessary to be in the command. But I consider that at Spartaka all will be adjusted. Yes I am simply assured of it.

- with Oleg Ivanovichem you support relations?

- After the World championship we and did not manage to meet. But here in June I will go to holiday and, to keep the shape, I will ask to train in Spartak . I think, then we and will communicate to it.

- you for certain already heard that in Russia loud proceeding begins. Oleg Romantseva accuse that it has hidden the sum which has received " from taxes; Spartak for your transfer to Italy.

- Heard - heard. If it is fair, at all I do not know that there has occurred. So, in general, taxes, my sale, Spartak ... But I to it am absolutely not privy! I and the nobility did not know, where this money has gone. Those people who were engaged in it also should respond.

- Nevertheless it is unpleasant, probably, that your surname appears in a press in connection with scandal?

- Certainly, unpleasantly. Money! Alenichev! That good when thy surname flashes in such affairs. The deposit remains, but I will worry.

- to Portugal it is business has come?

- Well children in the command laugh, speak: So you Spartak has robed and has left? what to do, I laugh the matter off!

- as your Portuguese?

- basically I in English communicate. But also on - portugalski I can talk, interview I give. But I am simple not the fan especially to talk.

- we will support you in the ending!

- Thanks, I will try not to bring.