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Mars has smiled to us from ear to ear!

the American automatic probe Mars Global Surveyor has passed the next image of a crater of Halle located in Southern hemisphere of the Red planet to the Earth. This hollow in diameter of 230 kilometres is known to experts since 1976 under the name the Smiling face . At all without possessing rich imagination, it is possible to see on a picture a round face, eyes and a line densely compressed, with inflexed corners of a mouth.

but on fresh photos the countenance has changed! a mouth it has appeared slightly opened!

the Smiling face - not a unique strange riddle of Mars. It is not less known so-called the Sphinx . It in 1972 was photographed by other American device. The image very much reminded a physiognomy of the Egyptian sphinx.

astronomers have hastened to disabuse those who considered figures as a life sign on Mars. They prove that the person the Sphinx Is only a hill fancifully pierced by Martian winds. And the reason of change of a grimace the Smiling face in a crater of Halle there was a winter which has come in Southern hemisphere of Mars. The planet surface here is covered snow consisting of carbon dioxide. And the crater relief is that that snow accumulates near a furrow reminding a mouth, and changes a mimicry persons. The smile becomes wider!

how much this explanation is correct, now tell can nobody. It is necessary to wait for approach in half a year of Martian summer. When snow will thaw, a crater, under the version of scientists, should to close a mouth .

But there is other question. Why on the Earth where a landscape much more refined sad Martian sandy dunes, companions never fixed natural objects, the form reminding the person of the person? And on their Red planet it is already revealed two?