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Excuse, the tank is not necessary to you?

despite enormous personal employment, Damon Albarn all - taki has remembered that, besides animation project GORILLAZ and remarkable malijskih musicians with whom it has let out disk Mali Music, is also native group BLUR in which structure it too has certain duties. New album Blur is called THINK TANK and left in May. After repeated listening of this disk a club management “ 33 1/ 3 “ has come to a following conclusion: to receive any representation about new work Blur on the basis of reading of reviews it is resolutely impossible, it is necessary to listen independently. And repeatedly. In painfully unusual format for itself this outstanding group has acted. Thereupon together with Gala Råcords we also bring to your attention competition. The winner will receive a compact - disk Think Tank complete with poster Blur. Five prize-winners will manage the cartridges with the same name.

And all - that it is necessary - to respond to three questions correctly.

1. Earlier Blur was a quartet, and now a trio. Who does not suffice?

2. One of producers of an album - Norman Cook. And under what pseudonym it is more known?

3. Continue the name of one of albums Blur: Modern Life Is...

Answers send here with a mark “ Blur “.