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. And in Thailand - people - amphibians

Children from the Asian nation mokenov (they are the gipsies living at coast of Thailand) see under water twice better Europeans. To such conclusion researchers from the Swedish university Land have come.

In the homeland mokenov, the Thai island Surin, often spend holidays the Russian fans to swim for a while in a mask and with an aqualung. Who dived, that knows: the eye of the usual person is badly adapted for diving life. Even in a mask not so - that simply to disassemble that lies at the bottom the sea.

and the sea gipsies, extracting to themselves livelihood (molluscs, sea cucumbers) from a bottom sea, fine see on depth in ten metres. Investigated by Swedes young mokeny easily on half-metre distance distinguish details in the size of 1,5 mm, while a limit of possibilities of the western person - 3 mm. According to the head of group of scientists of Anna Dzhislen, mokeny are capable to make with eyes fantastic things. They can narrow pupils till the tiny sizes and in a special way squeeze eye lenses, achieving clearness pictures on depth.

scientists have made conclusions, studying children mokenov. Adult representatives of nation of attention of scientists avoided. they are too timid! - the doctor Anna Dzhislen complains.