Rus News Journal

Americans will strike terrorists on fingers...

having arrived to the USA, prepare your passports and... Fingers. By January, 1st at the airports and other points of crossing of the American border will establish devices for removal of fingerprints at driving foreigners.

new system of entrance JU. ES. VISIT as declared the ministry of national security of the USA, extends on all to whom the American visa is required. Russians concern their number also.

Besides, since new year approximately at 23 million visitors of this category annually coming to America, will necessarily scan the passport and to demand the exact place of residence. By means of this data the officer of an immigration service and naturalisation directly on a place will check up, a leah you are registered in lists of terrorists.

and it only the beginning. The Pentagon develops a huge database which on volume will be in 50 times more libraries of the congress of the USA. Except photos and fingerprints, also other biometric data on suspected of terror there will enter. For example, drawing of a retina of an eye, a voice timbre.

... will pump over on indirect questions...

As the influential American newspaper " confirms; Uoll - strit dzhornel the White house is going to complicate even more system of reception of the entry visa in the USA.

now only about third wishing to get to America are urged to undergo dreary enough procedure of personal interview with the employee of embassy at the reference behind the visa. But it is already very fast to interrogate become practically all. Interviews can avoid only citizens of 27 countries, including a number of the states of Europe and the American continent, which in many cases and so drive to States without the visa. Russia, alas, does not get to this list.

... And bin Laden is learnt on gait

by the American military men finish working out of radar system which is capable to distinguish people on gait, so unique, as the signature. Experimental samples allow to establish the person walking to within 95 percent. System are going to supply the airports, embassies, the central streets of big cities.