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“ the Ship is underfulfilled... “

yesterday this conclusion was made by the commission investigating the reason “ rigid “ landings “ Union TMA - 1 “ on May, 4th. Then we are waited by new risky landings?

I will remind: two weeks ago during returning to the Earth “ has broken “ in abrupt ballistic descent the Russian ship “ Union TMA - 1 “. To a settlement place of landing it nedoletel neither is a lot of nor few 500 kilometres. Crew - our Nikolay Budarin and Americans Kenneth Bauersoks and Donald Pettit - has tested almost limiting overloads. And then, on the Earth, and without having waited rescuers, cosmonauts for the first time for 35 years have opened NAZ - special jashchichki where everything is collected that should help to survive in cutoff conditions.

at first fault for failure the founder “ the Union “ - it is rocket - space corporation “ Energy “ - tried to fall down on Americans, “ Pressed not those buttons “. It is easier, than to recognise that the modernised ship have sent into an orbit “ crude “. Though in October of last year, when “ Union TMA - 1 “ has left into an orbit, in the Center of preparation of cosmonauts about it spetsy spoke openly. And for this reason shortly before start for the aid to commander Sergey Zaletinu have included in crew - an unknown case! - one more pilot - Yury Lonchakova.

the Commission which has finished work yesterday, it is fair otmela the version about “ the human factor “. “ Ballistic descent has occurred from - for failure in the management block “ - the assistant to general designer RKK " recognised; Energy “ Nikolay Zelenshchikov.

it would be possible to consider this history happily come to the end (cosmonauts remained are live), if not one large “ but “. Now to the International station pristykovan other just the same ship - “ Union TMA - 2 “. To survive at landing, present ΜΚΡ command - to Yury Malenchenko and Edward Lu - it is necessary in orbit, practically in marching conditions to finish lander system. And it even more abruptly than to change electroconducting in a cabin of a dump-body truck rushing on a line.