Rus News Journal

To offenders of the Spider will bring accusation

has told about the bloody dismantling which has happened in apartment of the leader of group metal Corrosion Sergey Troitsky. ( into the Spider has driven militian a roof ? from May, 20th of this year) . Three men have entered the house by violence rokera, have beaten it, have broken to the Spider a nose, rassekli a lip both have beaten out tooth. Also have stolen BMW - 735. As an occasion to scandal refusal of the musician to pay one thousand dollars a month for " has served; a roof .

Two offenders Sergey Troitsky has learnt. Alexander Sokolova`s signs, an opera from the Department of Internal Affairs of Southern district, and the chairman football the fan - club the Dynamo - Moscow Alexander Shprygina Pauk has there and then informed militias. Alexander Shprygin (Kamancha) suited parties with participation of the Spider. It organised so-called blju - vajt pati (parties dinamovskih fans), on one of which the group " acted; metal Corrosion (the photo) see.

in the Evening on Monday both identified metallistom the robber have been detained. They did not try to disappear at all, believing that where - where, and the Spider will not go to militia. Not in those they relations.

Now the militiaman and the football leader, driven into the Spider, in a pre-trial detention centre. Them have detained at 48 o`clock. Term expires today.

the Third suspect is not found yet. Have not returned to the musician and the stolen things - BMW car - 735 and two mobile phones. But the Spider any more so despairs. For the days which have passed after an attack, admirers could lift its fighting spirit.

- called both from Canada, and from England. Who suggests a guitar to send instead of that which have broken who wishes to bring oranges. In general, it is possible to live.

Much more a difficult situation at the head of protection Corrosion Evgenie Ozerov.

- Eugene now lies in hospital, - Sergey explains. - to it a head have broken a stool and have touched an eye, yes so that it has almost flowed out.