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We have fallen in love with each other for rare names: the Francis and Klimenty

With the future wife has got acquainted during factory practice in Riga where has been directed in July, 1954 from Leningrad 2 months prior to release from a military college. She was 17 years old, and to me was executed 20. In one of free evenings we, group of cadets, have gone for a walk in the next park and have come on a summer dance pavilion. As it was found out later, nearby standing girls - girl-friends have argued, who from them the first will dare to invite the Petersburg cadet. When declared the ladies` dance, one of them approaches to me (us was 6 - 8 persons). I have become puzzled Of unexpectedness also anything clever could not think up, except how to tell: the Girl, and I do not dance . Having come round, has dared to approach to it to apologise and has suggested then to walk on park. When each other were represented, surprised singularity of our names. She has told that her name is the Francis, and I to it - Klimenty. Also that me has amazed - having considered her face, has understood that it has appeared similar to my favourite actress Nadezhdu Cherednichenko. 13 More - summer the young man I have watched a film with its participation and have thought that my darling will be similar to it. Acquaintance with Frantsisky - really gift of destiny! Since then it has passed with me all ways - roads hard 32 - summer army service. Now we live in Moscow suburbs. On October, 26th have noted 45 - ju anniversary of joint life. Us have congratulated, except daughter Svetlana, the beauty the grand daughter of the Francis (it the second year married) and the grandson - fidget Valery, the pupil 2 - go a class .

About change of the husband the Shaft has told its fishing tackle
Writes I.ANTONOV, Podolsk:
Valentina Lesha`s Husband on days off on fishing vanished. And as - that seemed the Shaft as if its fishing clothes not as small river and not then, and spirits smell! Having suspected wrong while the husband on work was, has got its tackles, scissors accurately cut off hooks from all fishing tackles, has connected them and has put into place. In target Alexey, as usual, took fishing tackles and has gone on fishing. well, darling, successful ulova - has closed the eyes partly Bringing down and has begun to wait. The husband has returned late at night. With fish (on a market has bought). Ulov today excellent, Valjusha! - has thrown in a hall. and than you fish - that have caught? - the wife asks. yes here my fishing tackles! Never they brought me . - And this time have brought, fishing tackles - that at you without hooks! Now you solve: can, for ever fish on other coast will leave? Alexey Has begun to worry - was not ready to such sudden exposure. fished - that it indeed lately at the girl-friend. To wash away guilt, pardons in a lap from Valjushi asked, swore that it is more never to it will change. And the word holds to the present day. However, now taste to fishing at it was reduced .

the Father has rescued mum from death, and they have got married
Writes Alain SKORIKOVA, 16 years, the Rostov region:
My father in students was fond of mountaineering. For a sortie in mounts, the big group has gathered for caucasus. At first liftings were insignificant, went on trossu, adhered to trees. But then climbed up all above and above. Dangerous sites have begun. All members of group began to adhere to each other the insurance, alternating the man and the woman. My mum has appeared near to the father. Then they did not know each other.

there was a difficult lifting, practically crept on rocks. And here mum has stumbled and has hung on the insurance together with the backpack. Has begun to cry for fear, its points have fallen in a precipice. The insurance was held by the father. He has begun to talk to mum, to calm, has explained that it is necessary to do, and that there are forces has tightened a rope and could pull out mum. Since that moment she looked at it, as on the Savior. A way back they went hand in hand and since then together .

help me to find happiness!
Has read in article about how teacher Elena was rescued by the American - the millionaire, and was glad for the namesake. I write to the heroine of article with last hope, very much it would be desirable to believe that it is possible to change the life. To me forty years, and already very much are not present for a long time either bright impressions, or ardent feelings. In 20 years I have married the coeval on the big love. After a birth of children it was necessary to leave design office. The husband   I very much loved the. But when it has let me know that one day in a week will spend at the beloved, and I should try not to set questions, I have decided that I can not take out such humiliation any more and disregards.

though during that moment I did not have a work, I have collected children and have left to mum. I was 34 years old, age critical for searches of earnings, moreover and with my not finished education. But all has turned out. Whether the despair has given to me to confidence of the forces, whether has simply carried, but I have found work. And even has started to do small career. Sometimes to me it is not believed at all that itself has got out, without communications, without the patronage. In this part of my life very well - work, the salary, the adjusted life, children study in a good grammar school, the oldest daughter has married, is well enough arranged in life. But I on the calling not business - the lady, not the official, most of all to me would be desirable to be the loving wife. I very much love the family, the children, mum, but it not that feeling from which it would be desirable to fly. I would like to find the half, a kindred spirit that from one thought that there is a person to whom my love is necessary, heart rejoiced.

but, alas, in the country I do not hope any more to arrange destiny. Good men all are arranged, children, families (I will not break another`s family in nowise!) And bad to me are not necessary. Tried to get acquainted under announcements, letters has come so many that it is possible to write the dissertation about mine nevezuchesti, and to sense - hardly: write or the gigolos searching for well arranged mistress, or losers, anything to lives not reached. Hands for a long time fall, but the hope then will flash, and again I try to make something. Here has read also has written the letter to heroine of article. And suddenly it will help me to find happiness?
yours faithfully Elena N

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