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The fire on Running has cut down telecommunication

In number for May, 19th ( Have burnt down lines of the governmental communication ) We wrote how fighters of a fire service battled to an unusual fire on Running avenue last Friday. High-voltage wires underground have lighted up. Without an electricity during the first hours after a fire there were houses along the street Running avenue, Botkinsky hospital, buildings GRU of the Ministry of Defence and the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

- has burnt down 100 high-voltage cables throughout 100 metres, - the employee of Management of fire service of capital Vera Tarakanova has declared. Low-current wires - telephone have suffered also. The release on a fire has been given at three o`clock in the morning.

most of all subscribers of MGTS have suffered from state of emergency.

- the station (97 - go area) has burnt out and its site of entering communication, - has responded our source in MGTS. - and if burnt down station have changed on reserve it was not possible to replace the site of entering communication. Burnt down now works on 70 %. Subscribers, whose numbers begin with figures: 970, 971, 972, 973, 974, 975, 976, 977, 978, 979, dial without problems, and here it to phone difficultly. Only at night the entering site copes with loading. Repair will be tightened for all summer. A leah

so it, ourselves have checked up. To ask questions by phone to a management the Moscow collector it has appeared it is impossible. Telephone numbers of a management begin on ill-fated 975.

Till now there is no official conclusion about the ignition reason. While have excluded the version of penetration of saboteurs in power catacombs .

- Earlier, - the electrician " has whispered; Mosenergo - our control service zakachivala an aether in the beginning of a winding of a wire. Went on tunnels and on a smell searched for a promade look slender site. Having patched a hole, passed on 1000 - voltnomu to a cable the raised current - 1020 volt. If isolation maintained such pressure within a minute - another, means, that`s OK. Speak, similar check occurred and on the eve of a fire.