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The UFO over Baku

It hung over a city at height five - seven kilometres. And so long that to the head of the commission on the abnormal phenomena at presidium of National academy of Sciences (NAN) Azerbaijan to professor Elchinu Halilovu even was possible to photograph strange object on video.

- I have 25 minutes of the image of UFO, - Elchin speaks. - I was in the office together with the colleague, the professor, the doctor fiziko - mathematical sciences Vagifom Salmanovym. About five o`clock in the afternoon my son Farid has called and has told that half-cities observes of UFO. I have jumped out on a balcony of office with a videocamera and have photographed the oblong extended object.

eyewitnesses bear that the light stain about nine - ten metres in diameter, similar to the large extended drop of silvery colour, has appeared on a clear sky approximately in five evenings. The object moved on very difficult and twisting trajectory. Approximately in 18. 35 UFOS suddenly began to leave in a southern direction and it was soon dissolved in heavenly blue.

now the special commission of men of science of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan studies the video record of flight of unusual object. Already unequivocally it is possible to tell that the fixed object is not a meteorological balloon, plane or helicopter. Also it is possible to assert that it was not natural, but the technical object.