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In the Moscow high schools will accept without examinations!

last night Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov has arrived in on traditional spring the Direct line . Phones all an hour and a half were broken off. More half of calls - from capital.

- hello, it is Marina Petrovna from Yasenevo. A leah tell, please, Moscow will hand over uniform state examination (Unified State Examination)?

- Certainly, will be. All country will pass to it in 2005. And in the following, 2004 - m, as Unified State Examination experiment will hand over schools Jugo - Western, East, Western, Severo - East and Southern districts.

simultaneously we want to open not less than 100 specialities in high schools of Moscow, for receipt on which it will not be necessary to hand over entrance examinations at all. That is in a year many children can garantirovanno already enter the institute. Will enough hand over in June at the school of Unified State Examination and to send its results in a selection committee.

- It is known already what it is specialities?

- while the list is not defined. But, clearly, it is on what in the country there are no professionals. For example, at us let out engineers for a metallurgical complex and manufacturing industry, construction superintendents and masters for building a little.

other answers of the minister to questions of readers read on Friday, on May, 23rd, in to the fatty .