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The Chinese markets turn to boutiques

Gossanepidnadzor of Moscow asserts that the atypical pneumonia in capital is not present and is not expected yet. But to relax early - partial overlapping of borders with China and Mongolia on long term, probably, will lead to a considerable rise in prices for cheap clothes, footwear and consumer goods.

yesterday has taken place a press - conference of the Main health officer of Moscow Nikolay Filatova on which he has told about results of check of hostels in which natives of Jugo - East Asia live, about revealing at them an atypical pneumonia. For the past week in sight of brigades of epidemiologists 20 hostels have got, to medical examination have undergone about thousand Chineses, Koreans and Vietnameses. In one case the diagnosis an atypical pneumonia has not proved to be true.

however, the quantity surveyed is a drop in migrantskom the capital sea: According to Gossanepidnadzor of Moscow, only the official permission to labour activity now have about 50 thousand natives of Asia. Third from them Chineses, about 8 thousand Vietnameses.

less iridescent situation reigns in the markets where there is a trade in the Chinese consumer goods. Having seen ware thickets of the market Cherkizovsky it is difficult to believe that this stream of cheap clothes and footwear, but double reduction of check points on the Chinese border can run low and five times on the Mongolian were already reflected in the prices. For example, secondhand dealer Tatyana has told that for couple of weeks of the price for children`s suits have grown on the average on 20 - 30 roubles. Not bad speaking on - russki the dealer from China has declared that its suppliers also have started to charge exorbitant prices. If one week ago he bought children`s balloons for 1 rouble of 80 copecks for a piece now the rubber children`s happiness manages already in 3 roubles of 20 copecks. Thus stocks of balls in warehouses catastrophically thaw.