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Young Joseph has committed suicide from - for parents of a beloved

In apartment of a family of Dzhamidava in the street Shumilov two days of a door were wide open. In the house and at an entrance healthy men constantly wipe fists appearing tears, women wail hysterically. On Monday here there was a feast: the wife of the family head Tatyana celebrated birthday. Even in the morning, leaving in the school, one of four children, Joseph, has given smacking kiss to mother in a cheek and has told: I of money have saved up to you for spirits. I will present in the evening so to congratulate you yet I will not be . And by the evening when numerous Georgian relatives sat at a table, Dzhamidava have called from militia: your son has committed suicide . 18 - summer Joseph was hung up on a kapron cable on a tree, in fifty metres from school. And in a portfolio, among books, militiamen have found a note: For my death I ask to blame parents Vicks Z .

Kukury and Tatyana Dzhamidava - refugees from Abkhazia. In the homeland they had two houses at the sea and a rich economy. After habitation have burnt, the family still couple of years wandered, has not located yet in Moscow.

in the seventh class the newcomer has come to school - Vick Z. And almost instantly between the girl and Joseph the surprising love has flashed. Enamoured went the friend for druzhkoj on school and in a court yard, and houses hung hours on phone.

- Vick unusually good girl, - cries Joseph Tatyana`s mum. - modest, even into the house to us to come often hesitated.

in Dzhamidava Vick`s family was considered as the bride: in detail asked how to receive visitors on the Georgian customs, how to behave to the married lady.

the first night at Vicks and Joseph has happened last winter. And in January the son has approached to Tatyana and has bashfully asked, where it is possible to get the test for pregnancy.

- we were ready to nurture the child, - Joseph Kukury`s father speaks. - But mum of the girl, at all without having called us, has silently taken away the daughter on abortion. Joseph did not get up some days. Vick some times escaped from the house, promised to commit suicide, if to it will forbid to see our son. Has not helped.

one week ago Joseph and Vick have quarrelled. That has occurred, it is not known. Next day children have reconciled, but mother of the girl, according to Joseph`s parents, has forbidden a daughter to see with the hooligan also has planted it under house arrest.

- she has called us and has told something like have come in large numbers here - Tatyana is torn weepingly. - I have called back, was sorry for the son and have invited to meet on - family and to talk. To tell the truth, we waited, while to the girl will be executed 15 to steal it on our customs.

that has occurred between beloved, can tell now only Vick.

- I called to them on Monday, - kameneet Tatyana. - A tube took the father, has asked, who calls. death. Pass the wife that Joseph will not disturb her any more...