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Pleasure of the student - kolbasen with kartofanom

Cookery from Masjani . Publishing house Neva . Circulation: 15 thousand copy
On a broader scale - that is the usual collection of culinary recipes. It is calculated on poor students and other young men, who does not wish to lower in a known faience vessel of more than three hundred roubles in a month . To them explain how to live for the specified sum: to indulge itself soup from cubes or soluble noodles with shkvarkami.

the Narration is conducted on behalf of Masjani. She explains it to students what to do, it would be desirable when to eat, and with babuljasami naprjazhenka. It it shares memories on how Hrjundel has come to it, has demanded to guzzle and as a result itself zababatsal to itself supeshnik. She explains it, how it is necessary to cut to pieces kolbasen, to rub morkvu, strugat kartofan and figachit makaroshki spaghetti type.

From the target data it becomes clear that for Masjanju certain Polina Kurpatova wrote. Its attempts to simulate youth style ( an onion byrenko to cool and perezapendjurit in other vessel ) Should not distract the reader from the book. Eventually there is a weight of students which have not enough money and which nevertheless want havat (here one more favourite kurpatovskoe a word). Here and havajte, the kindest; with a gastritis still will have time to understand.

SALAD nevterpezh
(it is used as zakus)
Sauerkraut - 600 Carrots - 200 the Onion napiform - 150 Butter vegetative - 5 items of spoons.

carrots it is rubbed on a large grater. The onions are small cut. All it is mixed and added the chopped sauerkraut. Now all this botven it is filled in maslitsem by the vegetative.

Who has sewn the old woman?
Tatyana USTINOVA. the Chronicle of abominable times .
Publishing house eksmo . Circulation: 80 thousand copy
Here the champion of week on circulations! The reason is simple: Ustinova is able to write, and not aby that, and a classical detective in which there are all components for its success. Here to you and the buried treasures, and it is innocent ubiennaja the grandmother - the millionaire, and decent amicable family in which by thorough examination the whole brood of rascals and swindlers is found out. Investigation is conducted by the grand daughter of killed grandmother Nastja. It is helped by casual acquaintance Cyril.

everything as it is necessary: the family lives on a huge summer residence, and Cyril needs to find the murderer among these lovely aunts and uncles. All comes to an end with victory of justice and touching lavas - stori. In a word, absolutely it is no wonder that the book of the former physicist, and nowadays detektivshchitsy Tatyanas Ustinovoj have included in a series the First among the best and it was necessary to print out of circulation quickly.

what to do with a cat in a head ?
Collected works in 10 volumes.
Publishing house the Russian book . Circulation: 3,5 thousand copy
Knig Remizova after 1917 at us did not leave almost: only have in the early nineties published two novels, the collection of stories yes the book of memoirs. However, the Soviet power to concern it with trust and could not. The biography at Alexey Mihajlovicha was preinteresnejshaja: has spent six years in imperial prisons for attempt to organise the working union, revolution has not accepted, has emigrated, has lived the life most part in Paris. And though before death has accepted the Soviet citizenship, the USSR has not believed in its sincerity.

I never was we will gain self-conceit, misfortune of fools, - he wrote in the wonderful collection of stories Myshkin a pipe . - I always felt the limitation. All whom I met, I speak about memorable meetings, seemed odarennee me. And when I got on the first place, it constrained me, all being in me was turned out: No, not by right. And tired out I felt on a place, and this my feeling was penetrated by a pain. I have understood that only tired out I live and for me became to live and a pain same. And when there was no pain, I as though did not live on light .

And the hero " wanted; a myshkinoj pipe by the way, to save pribludnogo a room rodent from the a cat in a head . Has not saved, certainly. Because it is necessary to be Remizovym to understand and inform to others: from all it is possible to save live and warm, only not from itself.

probably, therefore also all its fairy tales, parables, novels and documentary stories, memoirs on meetings with loud people and autobiographical sketches are penetrated by gift of silence which is given the little, - it is for nothing, allowing to estimate an essence of things more accurately and more sensitively, than, the position in relation to the world and the in this world a role.

About the NATURE
Saw a frog of colour a metallic ?
the Big atlas of the nature of Russia .
Publishing house Egmont Russia of Ltd. . Circulation: 10 thousand copy
is the most difficult for convincing that the best gift all - taki the book, the child. It I to you as mum who was buying up for five years of hundred of toy machines, speak.

the motor car park most part is already disassembled on spare parts. But when the young vandal quite seriously began to assure me that time and again vidennye it on a summer residence of a frog of blue colour, the patience has burst. And I have dragged it in a bookshop, having stuck there to the seller with muffled shout: Give us something about the nature!

now for a city for all summer malets will go with the thick book the Big atlas of the nature of Russia . Despite akademichnoe the name, composers have managed to squeeze in it answers to all questions, which too hard to the majority of parents. Flowers, birds, insects, fishes, mushrooms, grasses - everything that flies, jumps and grows in a midland, was located under one cover. In beautiful pictures, with the good explanatory text and without a tediousness shade. You want - about a guelder-rose read, you want - about a fly ordinary or about where the water measure winters.

were in shop and other encyclopaedias, but in translation about the native nature you will not find, and instead of one to buy eighteen - by quantity of sections - dorogovato. And, not to call to the mother-in-law, as in known advertising with a question: Mum and how an onion to put? - rather I recommend to you to become interested in the book of this too. If besides your son though argues on worthiness Ferrari also saves on a Mercedes - a cabriolet, till now a fur-tree to a pine confuses.

What for mamonit hipesnitsu?
the Encyclopaedic dictionary of the Russian life and history (XVIII - the XX-th century beginning) .
Publishing house OLMA - the Press . Circulation: 5 thousand copy
Time frameworks of the dictionary leave traces. From what point to the first in it costs and - lja a buffet table ? And that is correct - who from expensive Russians in recent centuries to drink - refused to have a snack? However, the further, the more we learn about life of our ancestors. Among a large quantity of purely historical terms there are also words which it is simple for life : an adultery (matrimonial change), vekovuha (the sat up old maid bypassed by grooms) to hurt (to drink constantly), mamonit to (tempt), hipesnitsa (the prostitute abducting at clients money and things) and further in the same spirit. And all - taki easily and cheerfully was earlier in Russia!