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For a New Year`s dress the old curtain will approach even!

any woman though time, yes stiffened at a counter with the pleasant fabric with mute groan: “ Well why I am not able to sew?! “ and even if be able to sew the ball dress now, for two weeks about New year is a utopia. Though... The known fashion designer Victoria Andrejanova has agreed to open to our readers a secret as from improvised materials to make a vesper dress of all for half an hour:

1. Find a piece of any fabric - a square or a rectangle. The old curtain will approach even. Cut out in the middle a hole for a head. It is not necessary to process seams at all. And it is possible to sheathe cut by a tinsel.

2. Push a head. Plough the fabric ends behind and fix sideways.

3. From within from both parties it is possible to sew   tesemochki that the ends kept is better. If absolutely there is no time, pin up them bulavochkami or an unusual brooch.

4. It is possible to take any ready corbel, of course. But is much more fantastic also New Year`s will look wrapped up round a waist fur-tree “ a hedgehog “.

the usual fur-tree tinsel becomes the Original ornament. The garland can be tied instead of a belt, and from the wide basis “ a rain “ to make “ a collar “. That the cascade of silvery threads went down in front and behind. Very effectively!

Where and how much to sew the dress

the Soviet ladies dressed only dressmakers and “ Torgsin “. But also now in the good tailor in studio to reserve to itself the dress it is necessary month for two about New year.

Studio “ Uomo Ρollezioni “ (only men`s wear)
Now to sew a suit “ for the husband “ have refused even for the double price. It was late converted. A fabric and a style you choose here, and sew a suit in Italy. The price for one product - from $600 and above.
the address: street Big Georgian, d. 58/ 60.

“ Igor Pronin`s Salon “
Here only repair. Has asked to repair to   to a feast old platishko. “ From what fabric? “ - “ E - e - e... From brocade! “ - “ bear “. The price for the order - from 1 thousand roubles.
the address: street Red Presnya, d. 9.

studio “ the Muscovite “
There first too have refused. But for the double price (7 - 8 thousand roubles) nevertheless uboltala to sew an elegant suit from thin wool.
the address: street New Arbat, d. 15.