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Singer Andrey Gubin: My favourite music - a motor sound

- Andrey, the majority of thy cars sports. With the years it would not be desirable something more easy?

- The matter is that in life I very temperamental person. All very quickly bothers me, and I like to get quickly into a situation and consequently always it seemed to me that I accept the sports car, but now I can tell that practically with identical pleasure I go and on Mercedes and on Porsche .

And on Porsche since first day races with " have begun; VAZs and collectors. Present, the armour van of collection suddenly starts to chase with me. But same it is ridiculous! To tell the truth, last time I chased with a motorcycle, was such sports bajk, and we have converged with it in duel on Vorobevyh mounts, and, strangely enough, I have overtaken it. I was simply in shock, it, on - to mine, too is, probably, was for the first time in his career of the motorcyclist and in mine too. And on a broader scale I do not like to go quickly - only to start and be dispersed.

- Andrey, a leah arose desires to try the porsh in dreg - rejsinge which is now very popular in Moscow?

- As it strange sounds, but with other cars it would not be desirable to chase. This car - as the strong boy in a class: it does not need to beat a muzzle and to prove that it abrupt, it and so knows that it the strongest.

- the car for you a live being, and if yes, what floor?

- Was, I remember, at me Mazda and such it was whimsical, well precisely woman. And Mercedes what were, - all is exact boys. This car too strong such guy, very exacting and not allowing with it to joke.

- porsh - the car, provoking to exceed high-speed restrictions in this connection there is no intensity in relations with inspectors of traffic police?

- Relations with GAI officers at me simultaneously both simple, and difficult. I concern those people who like to pay the penalty on a place is, in general, it is pleasant to employees of traffic police, but sometimes they would like, that the person has wriggled, has apologised, I love relations simple - money in hands and - Release, please, somewhat quicker! I at all very much love, when I am am learnt by workers of traffic police, I concern those people who will better pay the penalty, than will shout: I Andrey Gubin... I remember, how - that I went on a jeep Mercedes has exceeded speed, I was stopped by the inspector and asks: Well, how the car? I to it: Well, anything... it to me: Thy or the driver you work? I speak: As the driver I work . - Well and how the chief pays?. - yes so, it is ordinary . - Well it is fine, ezzhaj then . However, any symbolical penalty should be paid nevertheless.

- That musician Andrey Gubin listens in the car?

- In Porsche - anything! I love a motor sound. I on a broader scale the fan of a sound of the engine.