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Pass, and that now a physiognomy!

professors under skirts do not look

There are some ways to squeeze out from the examiner tear and to untwist it on a free mark:

to share a grief - you since morning till the night earn to yourself on livelihood, and time for preparation absolutely is not present,

pregnant women can safely use the position - sudden shout at examination: Oh, apparently, now a physiognomy! - will not leave indifferent anybody. The main thing that it has not turned out, as in a joke:

Release, please, to Ivanov from examination, at it just the son was born!

at girls one more advantage: spurs can be hidden for elastic bands of stockings. Teachers - people decent, do not look to girls under a skirt.

the most simple way - to send the message by a mobile phone to a companion behind a door which will dictate the answer.


I do not love, when make eyes

Valentine Timofeevich KOSOV, the dean of faculty of German language of Linguistic university:

- When little girls come on examination painted, in short skirts, to me is ridiculous, it is possible to think, they from it become cleverer. I do not love, when speak: I work, I have not time to study . You are not in time - go on a correspondence education department. Only to pregnant women I help at examination, they do such important issue!

Vladimir Vjacheslavovich SLAVKIN, the senior lecturer of stand of stylistics of Russian of faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University:

- I very much do not love, when at examination students write off from cribs. It turns out, what they want to deceive me, consider me as the fool? It is unpleasant to me. I, of course, pretend that I do not notice, but then, during the answer, I banish it on all material and I prove that its answer is written off!


How to pass examination if did not attend lectures?

I did not attend lectures on stylistics. And on examination the lecturer has told without abstracts not to come.

Vick Malysheva, the Novosibirsk state university.

As have explained to us in trade union of educators, the teacher has no right not to admit to delivery or to underestimate an estimation to the student who did not attend its lecture. But on a material of lectures it can send on errands you. So before examination all - taki it is necessary to honour abstracts of classmates.

I have handed over the literature on trojak . A leah Is authorised repeated passing an examination for the purpose of estimation increase?

Marina Mishina, RGGU.

If thy arguments will show to the dean sja convincing he will write the application to the rector. Only the rector has the right to solve this question. A leah

can in zachetku put the examiner the two ?

Vadik, MADI.

Teachers very seldom put at examinations the two . If absolutely you float in a material, you, most likely, will send on a repeating an examination. But if has managed to anger the teacher and it has put to steam to repeat any more it will not be possible. Be going to say goodbye to institute.

in last session at institute for a repeating an examination took on 170 roubles. It is lawful?

Cyril, Kemerovo.

If you are trained in the state high school on budgetary branch all repeating an examination should be free. And here if institute - an institution not state, variants are possible. All depends on the maintenance of the contract which you have signed at receipt, and from the high school charter.

has handed over itself - rescue a companion

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