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The doctrinal considers the wife sex - a symbol. But can to it and in an ear to give

It lives in a skyscraper on Kotelnichesky quay with the young wife, works over the tenth book and has a rest, jumping from the literature on music.

the first love has found on Treasure island

- For the first time I married in 25 years. The treasure has found, composing music for a film Treasure island . The assistant of artist Ira has very much pleased. Led uncombed youth life. It was suddenly found out that in a family there is no money. Begged on friends while I have not received the large sum on a film studio. Irochka, - I speak, - we are rescued, we will be blissfully happy and about what not to think! and she has demanded next day money for a dinner! I have been extremely surprised. It has appeared, on all money for Treasure island she has bought in komissionke Ryleyev`s shackles. Unless it was possible to exist with such manners?!

In half a year after our divorce she has married the poet. And I married journalist Natalia Pankratovoj. We four very much were on friendly terms.

then the spouse has died. And I have met Alla. About twelve years ago on a composer party. Have got to talking, I have invited her. She has asked at once: When? I who have not got used to such categorical questions, have at random told: Call on Monday in 11 mornings . Exactly in 11. 00 Alla calls. I have taken an interest: you can come to see me in the evening? yes . I have asked - a natural question of the owner: What do you drink? and it: Everything, what not below forty degrees . I have understood at once: the person!

- your son was not surprised, what you married its coeval?

- Was surprised, of course, but has concerned it quite loyally. They with Alla in neutral relations. It it is rare at us happens. Basically we meet on an open air. It has ended Literary institute, has then passed at me a full composer course, has written an opera Crimson sails .

- Alla Nikolaevna too the composer?

- Yes. It is a rare occurence, when both the husband, and the wife - composers. At Alla good taste, it is very dashing finds in my work of an error, well and, it is natural, after that there are small scandals...

- as they look?

- Verbal scandals with professional terminology. No street words there are present.

Darlings quarrel - phones rush

Here there was spouse Alla Nikolaevna and at once has taken reins of government in hand:

- But we with Doctrinal can fight. Once I have come in a lung podpitii, late. Well was unsteady a little bit. He, maybe, was going to stroke simply me, I badly remember it, in summary so zvezdanul that the ear was ill some days... Happens, and cups at us fly, and mobile broke twice, and a radio telephone. Time neighbours even have called militia. The militia took at Doctrinal the autograph and has left...

- and who usually throws subjects?

- Doctrinal. It is a pity to me!

- the Husband or subjects?

- Certainly, subjects! Same I should go, buy new telephone sets then!

- Alla Nikolaevna, your husband is famous as the fan of draws. You happen its victim?

- Still! Here recently I have gone to shop in the evening, have bought full bags of meal, I come back, and the lift does not work. I rise on foot, all in soap, and I see on a door the big poster: Here lives sex - an entrance symbol! About such things as the announcement on sew doors I Will sell the husband for HARD CURRENCY I do not speak.

- it on a broader scale - that jealous?

- I in life did not give it an occasion to jealousy as it can be jealous! It is faster I... It here is enamoured of my friend Nina Shatsky. And it calls me sometimes puzzled questions...

- and you as - that feel almost forty-year age difference?

- Doctrinal it is really young soul. I did not test boredom with it never. I on a broader scale since childhood loved adults men. All my three former husbands were much more more senior me. And if you hint at intim... This subject of a subject of reflexions, especially burdensome does not make for me.

- Nikita Vladimirovich, and you in Alla Nikolaevne see lacks?

- Still! It quick-tempered. Will blow up, and then minutes through ten speaks: the Kiss me .

Five most known songs

Dark night
the Barges full of a mullet
the Favourite city
the Soldier`s waltz


Love, drink and smoke

On Tuesday evening in prestigious night club has passed commemorating of anniversary of the composer. Singer Valentine Tolkunova, composer Lora of Fifths, the director Alla Surikova have come to congratulate Nikita Vladimirovicha. All gave something such. Group Doctor Watson For example, has handed over amusing hours. However, on them has been represented not itself jubiljar (that is usually accepted on celebrations such), and skromnjagi Watsons . The director Alla Surikova as the person creating in a comic genre, has presented... Elegant a pas in the form of a flying swallow. The people have torn tummies from laughter.

Jubiljar kissed ladies and all the evening long showed an antihealthy way of life. Smoked one cigarette for another when lifted a toast for its health, drank also itself. And towards the end of evening when have brought a smart pie in the form of a grand piano, too has tried a slice. Here to you and the recipe of long life from Doctrinal!


Nikita DOCTRINAL was born on May, 22nd, 1913 in St.-Petersburg. Has ended the Leningrad conservatory.

the first waltz has composed in eight years and has devoted to Leonid Utesova`s daughter. In 15 years has written an operetta Night before Christmas Which at once have put at the Leningrad theatre of a musical comedy.

doctrinal - the writer, the author of nine comic books. On the bill Doctrinal - the composer - eight concordances, two string quartets, two musical dramas, ballet, the one-act opera, seventeen operettas and musical comedies, three hundred songs.