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On streets there were schoolboys and employees of GAI

Yesterday in capital special action " has begun; Hi, summer! . The Moscow Management of traffic police carries out similar actions every year before the summer season beginning - for the prevention children`s dorozhno - a transport traumatism. Today`s city spot-check Hi, summer! will last on June, 8th 2003.

an operation Main objective - prevention of accidents with juvenile inhabitants of Moscow on city streets. During spot-check, informs capital traffic police, will update a marking, traffic signs, will establish foot protections. Near schools and in venues of children`s actions the strengthened patrols of militia will be on duty. During spot-check also special attention will be given a technical status of motor transport transporting children.


On the statistics sounded by deputy chief GU traffic police of Century Timoshinym, about half of children who have suffered in road accident - passengers. Therefore the traffic police asks drivers and other persons responsible for transportation of children, to give securities on the journey special attention. Do not forget to fasten belts!