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All fur-tree toys get to paradise

the Dim winter morning, seven hours, a factory checkpoint Hoarfrost . A cold dog. Romanticists - a zero. But fantastically the tram tinkles and over an input the inscription " lights up; the childhood Country . At revolving objects there is a girl in snow-covered paltishke, rummages in a handbag, the instant - and after a hand with the admission soars up a tail gold and silver sparks. As though it is the fairy who has just conjured the certificate.

certainly, the childhood Country - only the name of a factory little shop, the fairy - razrisovshchitsa fur-tree toys, and a sheaf of sparks - decorative obsypka for the sparkling New Year`s toys, casually attacking in a bag pocket. But a heavy word factory does not go at all to this place. And instead of a roar of machine tools in shops the gentle ring of fur-tree balls is audible.

Talent of the glass blower - in good English

Glass-blowing shop - an enormous, dark hall. On long tables of a torch. From them with buzz flame stumps escape. Along walls - sheaves of glass tubes - steklodrotov. The glass blower Natasha dips them into a flame, and the softened glass starts to last, as transparent caramel. There - hardly has stretched, there - hardly has pressed, and caramel it is extended in a hand bell.

behind the next table steklodroty turn to hedgehogs. The glass blower holds a tube on fire while it will not turn to a viscous hollow drop. And then - pljuh it in the pig-iron form, and through other end blows, as a soap bubble!

- the main thing - to twist very quickly and in regular intervals, differently glass slipnetsja, - Natasha explains, setting me for a torch. - even the most ingenious glass blowers work the first month on a garbage can. (I strenuously touch fingers, but the harmful tube sags in the middle and is overwound, as a linen rope.) very many the whole year, however skill postignut study at the expense of factory and cannot. (My piece of glass definitively sticks together and on a broader scale is fastened by the sea site.) It is possible to learn only to the technician, and it is necessary to be the glass blower by nature.

- and in what this talent is expressed? - I am interested, definitively having defiled the second steklodrot. - Gifted artists in the childhood well draw, singers - sing, and what glass blowers do?

- I do not know, - shoulders Natasha perplexed shrugs.

- well, for example, what subject at school went right to you most?

- English.

to glass beasts too chop off tails

all hedgehogs and balls come To metallization shop golenkimi that is transparent and dlinnohvostymi (with the rest of that tubule, through which toy blew). Here them put on struts with spokes and load into pressures chamber. And take out already mirror, covered thin, uniform layer of a metal dusting. And you probably, as well as I, thought that them from mirror glasses blow?!

On a site okunki toys bathe in multi-coloured varnishes and numbers put to dry on sandy beaches under lamps. Shop - and - lja paradise of the glue sniffer: the smell hurts the eyes. On one of little tables the tower from milk packages " is piled up; for harm .

- Che, really smells? - Valentina Petrovna, okunshchitsa with 50 - the summer experience smiles. - and I also do not notice! Has got used. To well me here. Here I will dip igrushechku, and it rovnenkaja, colour. The main thing, that without divorces. I very much love a crimson varnish. Tasty such colour. Only recently in it almost we do not paint. It is not pleasant to the director.

hands for Valentina Petrovny brown - works without gloves, too on a habit.

- the salary, truth, small, without special extra charges for harm, as at all the others at factory. But it not the main thing, but collective amicable. All on mnogu years we work, we do not leave anywhere. My predecessor too here has staid half a century. It is a pity, last year has died from a cancer of lungs.

in following shop to toys chop off tails (those through which them blew). A sharp steel circle exactly as butter, cuts off glass surplus, and on its place the working woman inserts metal an ear .

Toys metallurgists

draw Last stage - painting shop. The hall filled with frames with hammered carnations on which toys dry. On tables of a jar with paints, brushes, funtiki - cellophane kulki, filled with glue, and jashchichki with spangles. If in such box to sneeze, the sparkling fog will rise a column to a ceiling, as in cartoon films during transformations.

So glass tubes turn to toys.
From a huge box razrisovshchitsa takes an empty sphere, compresses funtik and the thin glutinous sausage lays down on a smooth flickering side exactly, as a cream on a cake. Then the girl a table spoon scoops gold spangles from a box and densely strews them a toy. The superfluous layer falls down, and glutinous drawing becomes sparkling.

- in art you study? - I validly am interested at the neigbour in a table.
- at Institute of heavy metallurgy, - modestly smiles feechka lighting a brush a ruddy smile of the gnome.

- and here why you sit? - toropeju I.

- It is pleasant...

About 19 Years ago at this factory there passed practice my elder sister - the student of art school. To me 5 years when it has resulted me in shop on excursion were executed. Then I have painted with curve multi-coloured lines the first toy in life. Something has turned out in the spirit of Malevich. Parents shiver over a masterpiece till now. This time some the balls painted with me have turned out much is more adult (it is not assured that it is a word synonym better ) . But the sparkling delight which did not leave me all change, appear, has come therefrom, from the childhood.

still since then I have remembered cars which did a fur-tree tinsel. In humming machine tools smooth mirror tapes crept, and left sparkling New Year`s downpours . But shops preferred cheaper Taiwan tinsel. And our machine tools have disassembled, and the shop where New Year`s rains were born, has turned to a warehouse.

and the most sad at factory is boxes with fight . They stand everywhere - cardboard tombs of fragile creations of New Year`s happiness. From mounts of sparkling splinters plaintively also it is guilty bear cubs, clowns, kids smile... Their thin glass skin has not sustained: one do not have not enough pad, at others the side has burst... I with tenderness looked in them risovannye eyes and remembered, how in the childhood went round a New Year tree and gave to drink shipovnikovym a syrup nadtresnuvshih glass animals. And mum tied up their broken paws an adhesive tape.

- that with them then will be? - I have taken an interest, having nodded on one of boxes, at managing manufacture.

- I do not know. There comes once a month any cars, and we hand over the put percent of fight. Further - I do not know.

as it was found out, do not know it and the master, and even the director of all factory... And I think, all is simple: mysterious cars take away unfortunate lame bear cubs where - that more than far; there, where gentle hands will give to drink them shipovnikovym a syrup; there, where New Year trees were big.

450 thousand live fur-trees of all forms and the sizes will bring to Moscow on December, 20th. This day in capital 500 fur-tree markets will open. Domestic green beauties stand from 150 to 3500 roubles, and foreign (Canadian and Scandinavian) - from 500 to 4500 roubles. The prices for artificial fur-trees same.

On the average on capital: Fur-tree animals, hearts and asterisks stand from 20 to 110 roubles, spheres - from 30 to 300 roubles, a garland - from 41 to 440 roubles, and sets of fur-tree toys   - from 80 roubles.