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Ministry of Health warns: rise in prices is postponed

Will begin military operation on December, 15th - officials have appointed introduction to this day in Russia systems of obligatory certification of medical products.

It is supposed that new rules will strangle manufacturers of medicinal forgeries, whose segment in the pharmaceutical market of the country makes not less than 12 % (it more than 10 thousand names) all sold medicines. From pharmaceutical monetary a pie manufacturers of fakes annually bite off about 300 million dollars. In such huge sum pharmacists estimate the losses from activity pirates .

According to the deputy minister of public health services of Russia Anton Katlinsky, the new system of certification will not affect the prices for medicines. if the prices also grow, this increase will make no more than 1,5 percent - has declared Katlinsky to journalists at the first congress of pharmacists of Russia. In total from the beginning of year (after introduction on VAT medicines) the prices have grown on 15 - 16 %.

the New system of certification assumes quality check and genuineness of an import preparation on border - earlier only conformity of contents of packings to accompanying documents there was checked.

as to domestic medicines here the consumer will be the winner - it is supposed that each party of preparations will receive the certificate - its cost nearby 2 - 3 thousand roubles - unitary, instead of at each resale as it became earlier. It will positively affect the definitive chemist`s price. On all country will place more than 200 laboratories which will check quality of medicines both without fail, and it is selective a method scientific tyka - for additional control. For this purpose at Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation it is planned to create special farminspektsiju.