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I not Lesha, and Noraj Du the Dub!

friends on work persistently banged at a door and shouted: Leshka, open! on a broader scale - that Leshka a year demanded other reference to. Any it not Alexey Rozin, and Noraj Du the Dub. This strange name more similar to a rhythm of the African melody, it has received recently. Together with baptism in church New generation - capital branch of movement, it is active rabotajushchshchego in Riga and Yaroslavl. Local brothers and sisters joyfully called its this unusual name. Mum was quickly retrained also. After all she became not so long ago one of sisters New generation . But old friends and the grandmother with the grandfather to get used and could not.
till this day Lesha almost held week defence . Did not respond to phone calls, even the aunt from social security has not started up on a threshold. But friends had to open.

- listen, and than at you so stinks? - The inconsiderate question of the friend has nonplused the master of the house.

- I the garbage has forgotten to take out.

- so take out, to breathe there is nothing. And where thy native?

- on a summer residence have left. - Alexey`s answer - Noraj Du of the Dub sounded even less convincingly.

friends have left minutes through ten. Air in apartment was it is impossible dense from a stench. And Leshka, apparently, said lies. There can not be such smell from garbage. And as - that was not believed that old the grandmother with grandfather Rozinyh has incurred on a summer residence in pjatnadtsatigradusnyj a frost. Unexpectedly the crazy thought has come to a head to children - it is necessary to call in militia.

again knock. Already ten on a court yard, and what for - that breaks apartment the divisional. Persistence of the militiaman has broken Leshino obstinacy. It has gone to open.

the divisional was late in apartment in Pogodinsky street for a long time. Has quickly called field investigators of criminal investigation department, and itself remained to watch for Alexey.

dead men disturbed the murderer. Smell

When in apartment have become hollow from tens militiamen, phlegmatic before Alexey has suddenly begun to worry, even has made some attempts to run away. And when on his hands handcuffs have clicked, has become soft and has started to speak. Easy, as if retold a plot of recently seen detective.

grandmother Nina Fedorovna and the grandfather the Nahum Samuilovich did not get on for a long time with the grandson. Especially after it references in new belief. They were going to leave for the historical native land, to Israel, and strongly were upset that at first a daughter, and then and vnuchok have departed from belief of ancestors.

in the afternoon on Sunday the grandmother, as usual, pottered on kitchen with cooking. She has dared to name again the grand daughter not a true name of Noraj Du the Dub, and on a habit of Aleshej. Also has signed to itself the death sentence. Noraj Du the Dub simply took a kitchen knife and three times has thrust it in a back of the grandmother. On shouts the family has run together.

- the sonny, we so love you, what you do? - A sonny mum tenderly persuaded. But entreaties sisters on belief Noraj Du of the Dub have not touched.

blow in a stomach - and mum has failed on a floor in a hall. Some more blows - and it have calmed down. On protection of the daughter the grandfather has risen. 89 - a summer Nahum Samuilovich could throw up only a stick and once backhand to knock the mad grandson on the head. Also has there and then fallen from blow by a knife in a chest. The knife has entered into the grandfather once again, and then still... On a body of the old man field investigators of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central district have counted about thirty wounds.

a few having come to the senses, vnuchok began to put hastily apartment in order. The grandfather with the grandmother has accurately laid on beds in an old man bedroom. Has wrapped up with a blanket and has densely shut a door. Mum has transferred to a room. Has laid to sleep having thrown a body with a thick carpet. Then has carefully wiped a kitchen knife, has put it in a polyethylene package and has thrown under a ladder at an entrance. Has washed a floor from blood. Also began live easy further. Now nobody got it morals.

according to field investigators, Alexey Rozin regretted only for death of mum. All - taki the sister on belief. That as - that to wash away guilt, the sonny arranged every evening pominalnye molebny. Dead relatives of Noraj Du of the Dub disturbed. A smell. He kept mind: as though to get rid of the bodies reposing on the third floor of a block high-rise building? But any decision in its mad head   has not come.

hypnosis plus a schizophrenia

to draw a direct parallel between a religious trend New generation where according to its Alexey Rozina mum has resulted, and terrible punishment of relatives we cannot. But in activity of some religious organisations experts usmatirvajut use of the hypnotic techniques, capable to affect unstable consciousness of adherents. Here conclusions ekspertno - the analytical conclusion of the State centre of science of social and judicial psychiatry it. Serbian which have been prepared on demand of Office of Public Prosecutor of Yaroslavl:

During cult sacramental of the centre New generation purposeful finishing of present public before ecstasy and application to it of a technique of hypnotic influence is clearly visible.... Application of practice of mass hypnosis comprises risk provotsirovanija mental frustration up to occurrence sharp psihoticheskih statuses among the persons participating in such sacramental and having predisposition to their development... Represents danger of development of a mental disorder and uses the technology of the hypnotic influence which have been not resolved in other purposes, except medical .

it is terrible? And if to consider that Alexey Rozin has the diagnosis a schizophrenia ? The terrible cocktail from sincere illness and hypnotic sacramentals was splashed out in punishment over the native. Now Rozinu is appointed psychiatric examination. She should establish degree of its responsibility.

Three suicides among sectarians

Among followers of the new religious doctrine New generation three cases of suicides are noted. The doctor - the pediatrist - the parishioner of this church - has committed suicide at home. It has poured gasoline in a basin, has risen in it and has struck a match. The son who has appeared house has brought down a flame from mother and has called Fast . But in two days the woman has died of burns. Shortly before suicide it has unexpectedly left hospital. Though any troubles at the counterbalanced and professional doctor was not.

it already the third case of a suicide among the Yaroslavl followers of the religious doctrine New generation . One of the previous victims was threw out from a window, another has ended life in a loop.


the Religious trend New generation Represents the charismatic organisation starting from movement of pentecostals. It was formed in 1990 in Riga at active participation of ecclesiasts of the American missionary movement Christian youth interneshnl which founder is the American businessman the Bean Viner. On worship services of adherents baptise the Holy Ghost, immersing in a trance a method of hypnotic influence. The organisation inner pattern is under construction on principles of rigid one-man management and discipline, assumes full submission of believers to a group management.

now movement branches are available in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Nizhni Novgorod, Tver, Krasnodar, Cherepovets, Yakutsk and other cities.

on last elections in a country legislature created on base NP the Yaroslavl branch of party Hristiansko - the democratic union - christians of Russia has exposed 17 candidates.