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Olonetsky geese

Geese - nice travellers. In India on reserved lake I saw the geese who have just ended road from the Siberian north. Unlike all birds who are bending around the Himalayas, geese flied over snow tops at height where could see them unless climbers. Having reached desired lake in the warm country, geese obviously rejoiced okonchanju ways - lapped in water and as if would congratulate each other reserved cackling. They understood that are in security - I could remove their steps from twenty...

and at Ladoga the geese flying to tundra from wintering in Germany and Holland, do a four-week stop - to take rest, be supported - kept storozhko. To approach close to them it was impossible. Their station represented plain near to ancient small town of Olonets. Since the old days these earths were ploughed or were zaluzheny - geese here collected fallen down grains of cereals, burnt in the spring a young grass, expecting, when in tundra on Kaninom to a nose and Tajmyre at least the earth in places will be bared and it will be possible with olonetskoj plains jerky, with a speed of sixty kilometres per hour, to reach area gnezdovy.

Near Olonets, looking narrowly to each other, geese are fed, having broken into set of flights. On yellow carpets of a last year`s grass you see them constantly. The land improvement spent here in 70 - h years, ditches has lined plain on equal rectangular maps. Are laid here and roads on which it is possible to drive in the car. Geese are afraid of the pedestrian person, suspecting in going the hunter. By the car it is possible to approach on flight more close, but geese all the same in time it is with watchfulness extended heads and will fly up unattainable for fraction. Clever geese well feel this distance. On all way to tundra and on a way back to wintering of a bird always rendered tribute to the hunters masking in tents, in the butts earthed, and in haycocks. But here, on olonetskoj to plain, desjatiletja the unwritten law operated: in enough extensive to a rest zone geese not to touch. Geese well know this zone. But also here to steal up to them even with good resolves difficultly. I have remembered the story of the hunter in Kazakhstan. On open space it stole up to geese on a shot, having turned out a short fur coat and moving on all fours - geese accepted it for a sheep. On olonetskih fields this masquerade is not has gone right. Having turned out the short fur coat laid up in reserve, I, without sparing trousers and knees, began to steal up with a camera to fed flight. Geese a sheep have noticed at once, have as if on command lifted heads and, seeing, as I though and slowly, I come nearer, have amicably flied up.

business has ended with cheerful shooting of my person in maskaradnoj to a sheepskin. We were calmed in a detour of fields by the car, continually lifting flights of geese on a wing. Birds were careful also because land improvement ditches, last years appeared strays, have grown with bushes, and geese of any vegetation are afraid, it is important to them to be in absolutely open space. In their bushes the wolf, a fox, a badger can catch. The most safe place - the field middle. Be in a stock at us at least three days, it would be possible to make skradok, to beckon birds with barley scattering - a forage favourite by them, but such time was not, and we went on twisting roads, hoping for any good luck.

Olonetsky plain - the largest station of rest and feeding on a way of geese in the spring in tundra. Them here from the end of April till third decade of May flies by about two hundred thousand. With geese air predators - sea eagles and owls, kronshnepy, lapwings, korosteli, wild pigeons together fly. But this a trifle it is not so appreciable, the main thing - geese. Them here consider, study, on roadsides rest zones on them hunt. Last years, being afraid narushenja of border zones enthusiasts of protection of geese on olonetskoj to plain try moral interdiction to convert in the legal. Neighbouring grounds, adjacent to to a rest zone are rented to the certain hunting firm inviting marksmen in goose Eldorado . Scientists from Petrozavodsk and local ohotoved Vladimir Ignatov consider that a rest zone at Olonets it is necessary to make, as it is already made in many countries of the world, absolutely forbidden for hunting during seasonal flights of birds. The firm too like would understand it - It is impossible to cut a bough on which you sit . But all know today: thirst of momentary profits easily overturns moral interdictions, and consequently cares of the Karelian scientists and ohotovedov about legislative protection rest zones it is necessary to support resolutely. Will support this law and the international organisations of the wildlife management, already helping to equip olonetskuju plain as safe station on a way of birds. While geese shoot only on perimetre zones . To lower flying by geese for a correct shot the tested receptions help. Near to zasidkoj hunters stick in the earth so-called a profile - flat silhouettes of geese in poses of easy grazed birds. The flying by flight almost always will decrease - to see attentively that it means. And here the goose is overtaken by a shot from supermodern ruzhetsa with the strengthened charge and beating at once from two trunks. The goose on slaughter is strong. We saw, how one, flying by at height in sixty metres, from a shot has as though come across a wall and began to fall. Triumphing shout of the marksman has appeared, however, premature. The goose, probably, only contused in the fraction, has fallen to springing bushes of an osier-bed and directly from - under feet of the person who has run up without a gun hard, but has flied up. It, probably, will find the company (geese know each other in the person and on shout), but can, weakened, to tundra not to depart and zagnezditsja here, near to Ladoga. To us have told a case when the wounded goose was beat to house and even has found to itself pair on any farmstead near Olonets.

all of us have slowly travelled are expensive on olonetskoj to plain, observing in field-glasses storozhkih geese. For the second day we them saw seldom and have decided that warm, solar weather has pushed letunov on a way to tundra. No. Geese why - that in an extreme corner " have gathered; rest zones . We have seen their flied up many thousands flight. something has lifted geese... - the ornithologist accompanying us professor Vladimir Borisovich Zimin has told. - and - and..., look... highly in the sky, having spread wings, the white-tailed sea eagle soared. Geese have noticed the usual enemy also any special signal have startled all goose society. The sky as a poppy strewed. And some flights, comparing, probably, two different dangers, have flown by low almost over us. The sea eagle did not hurry. Sliding on a dark blue firmament, the sharp-sighted hunter looked out from above for object for attack - any lagging behind fainted bird. So the nature preserves strong and gives on sacrifice of the weak. The wise law of selection operates: to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.