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Wait for the child? Protect teeth!

as in “ interesting position “ to save the teeth and not to do much harm to the future kid? Our adviser - to. M. n., the senior lecturer of stand of children`s stomatology of the Russian academy poslediplomnogo educations Elena Vasmanova.

When there is a big building...

“ Pregnancy can be compared to the big building site, - Elena Vladimirovna tells, - goes active “ building “ a children`s organism. “ building materials “ the baby takes from the future mum, for organic development are necessary including calcium and many minerals which basically are a part of teeth. For this reason teeth when the woman carries out “ the biological order of mankind “ suffer affliction very often “.

the Painful teeth plays a role original “ the guide “ between infections and an organism. Pregnancy and so enormous loading on all organism, and it is frequent at the woman simply does not suffice forces to give infections, pronikshej through a painful teeth, worthy repulse - all it then will affect on health of the kid. Therefore to watch teeth during pregnancy it is necessary with special carefulness. The most widespread error of future mums - to forget about “ unpleasant “ stomatologists at once after will seal up last tooth. At pregnancy teeth collapses much faster - the usual person can notice karioznye damages only when process goes with might and main. The ruin in mum`s teeth will badly affect development of a skeleton and the future teeth of the kid. Such karapuza it is necessary to acquaint with a drill at tiny age!

about a tandem of the gynecologist and the stomatologist

Remember: to the stomatologist business will not be limited to single visit! According to Elena VASMANOVOJ to visit him it is necessary as regularly, as well as the gynecologist: Approximately on 6 - j, 16 - j, 26 - j, 36 - j weeks. Modern stomatologists can notice process of destruction of enamel how it will be found out by the patient. In such cases treatment will be as much as possible sparing and illness will not leave negative consequences for the future kid.

visit to the stomatologist plan after visit the gynecologist. The last ask to make an extract about a current of pregnancy and the appointed preparations is will prompt to the stomatologist what, in turn, it should write out medicines that they have not entered with other preparations in “ the conflict “.

Propensity to illnesses of teeth are descended!

Except the usual stomatologist, necessarily visit also the children`s expert. “ having scanned “ a status of mum`s teeth, it will define, what problems then can be at the kid: propensity to illnesses of teeth is inherited. Make such visit to first half of pregnancy while there is in a stock time. The doctor will make recommendations about care of an oral cavity of the newborn. It only seems that with the kid to the stomatologist it is necessary to go after the first will be cut zubik. The form of the person and a bite are formed since a birth - it influence correct care krohoj, technics of a food, a baby`s dummy and many other things. In all this knowledge you will be trained also by the children`s stomatologist.

than to treat gingivit?

Rare pregnancy does without gingivita - an inflammation of the gums, the first call of the future paradontita and a periodontosis (about these diseases we wrote on April, 25th this year). More often by a principle “ so happens at all “ women not especially worry about it and according to the advice of relatives rinse a mouth a bark of an oak or buy “ under the recipe “ teledoctors anti-inflammatory paste, considering that the problem is solved by it. Gingivit it is shown on - to a miscellaneous, it can be:

- krovotochivost gums;

- hypostases of gums, pains at chewing;

- so-called “ slushchivanie “ mucous gums.

each display gingivita is treated on - to the - what paste and a medicine will approach you, to solve to the doctor.

next time we will tell, how to the kid to save healthy the first teeth.


By the pregnancy end various forms gingivita diagnose FIGURES for 92 % of women. And only 0,5 % of future mums can brag of absolutely healthy teeth!

the FACT:

During pregnancy chronic diseases more often become aggravated. Not in the last instance it is influenced by uncured illnesses of mum`s teeth - the destroyed teeth cannot confront with hordes of the pathogenic bacteria getting through κΰπθεcνϋε of damage.