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To us false guest workers go!

three weeks ago Minister of Internal Affairs Gryzlov with the big pomp presented migratory maps for the foreigners who have arrived to Russia on earnings.

has made investigation and has found out: new ksivami practically anybody from guest workers does not use. But manufacture of forgeries - for 200 is already put on a stream - 400 roubles in any market it is possible to celebrate quite plausible document.

the live goods

Kashirsky highway in Moscow on an entrance to the market of building materials - the present east market. The goods - people. Any come nearer take in a ring:

- How much you pay? We paint, we plaster, we dig...

- and documents at you are perfectly in order?

- you offend! - guest workers as skilled sharpers, whence - that of air materialise whole a pack migratory maps. Normal in appearance documents if not so to get a grasp: In the column the organisation address in Russia for example, it is written in broken Russian CHASNAJA . Under the column citizenship it is possible to study geography there is no time the big country: Tajikistan, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia... Tadjiks - in the majority. In their Russia all population of Tajikistan - 6 million with small works 600 thousand, and. It turns out, every tenth Tadjik gorbatitsja in Russia.

the country good, cops bad

Work of migrants is used by all developed countries of the world. It as a compliment: to us go, means, at us it is better, than there, whence go.

they adapted all names under the Russian client: Abdulla - means Alesha, Rafik - can name Rum . Clients approach by cars, settle the price of minutes for five maximum, load the live goods and leave. The minimum day rate - 200 roubles a day, in the homeland for this money it is necessary to work month!

- Russia - the good country, only cops bad! - foreign workers complain. - happens, everything that you will earn, to cops leaves. On five times a day stop and even if documents are perfectly in order, demand 50 - 100 roubles. Or take away passports.

on gastarbajterskom the market trade does not abate at any weather. In the summer and in the winter demand for sloggers stably high: they work, as a rule, well, pomnogu, at human rights do not stammer. If them throw with payment, into militia are not converted.

It was expected that passed in the beginning of this year the Law About a legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation and introduction of migratory maps will take out shadow labour. But as a result such difficult mechanism " has been offered; bleachings the shadow market of labour that only became worse.

If razgovorit guest workers and to promise not to name their names in the newspaper, they tell that the migratory map can be got practically in any market of roubles for 200 - 400 as you will agree. And to make all papers by rules that there is nothing was to carp, it is almost unreal.

- who will agree to register us in the apartment? To buy check in there are 2000 roubles, at our place on this money half a year it is possible to live! To receive the work permit, it is necessary to be arranged in firm, and there demand besides check in, normally, yes?

It turns out that almost all army of foreign workers, and them today in Russia about 4 million persons, automatically appears behind line of the law.

what for to us guest workers?

In 2003 it will be given out 530 thousand invitations to entrance to Russia for work. So much our country is ready to accept foreign workers. It in 8 times is less, than them is at us today. Time they here live, means, are claimed. And further this requirement will grow only. Institute it is national - economic forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences has published the calculations: in 50 years number of Russians will make no more

112 million persons, thus number of people of pension age will pass for 50 percent of the population. This demographic decline will inevitably strike on economy. Without downloading of work forces from the former sister republics will not manage.

experts unanimously assert that the figure in 530 thousand persons is taken by mayors and governors from a ceiling. The regional authorities simply do not want zamorachivatsja with the device and social protection of foreign workers. And there, God forbid, interethnic conflicts in region will go. To officials easier simply to shut eyes to existence of shadow voluntary slaves - a pier, we did not invite them.

that turns out as a result? The labour market demands presence 4 - 5 million foreign workers in our country, and the Russian laws to it, to the contrary, interfere. The result is absolutely predicted: such a plug - the ideal environment for corruption, bribes, a crime. In that case grey the labour market in our country instead of white threatens to turn absolutely in black .


Jeanne ZAJONCHKOVSKY, managing Institute laboratory it is national - economic forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

Foreigners do not register, that it is easier to take from them bribes

- Today for migrants rules which cannot be executed are written. Thereby we push them on a way of infringements. Labour hiring is strongly complicated bjurokraticheski, and this field for bribes. The labour market becomes more and more criminalised. Thus absolutely refuse services of migrants we cannot: reduction of number of hands is a serious stopper for economy.

shadow employment - feature of our labour market, and completely it anywhere the world cannot angrily defeat. Even in Germany the shadow part of a labour market makes 15 percent.

not to aggravate and without that a difficult situation, we should go by the way of simplification of procedure of check in. For example, the mechanism of mortgaging check in would approach. Its essence: the foreigner, having driven in our country, goes to the Savings Bank and grants the certain sum. From this point on it is considered legalised, the back about payment carries at itself, it some kind of already document. The guest worker has as though paid the tax forward. And when it will officially be issued on the workplace and will receive the work permit from our authorities, money will return to it. The migrant has a material stimulus to be legalised.

As to us of the guest worker to make the legal worker?

Call to correspondents today, on July, 17th, from 11 o`clock till 13 o`clock Moscow time on bodies. (095 257 - 56 - 49.