Rus News Journal

And you as from a heat escape?

Alexander SEREBROV, the space pilot:

- I Am wiped some times in day by a wet towel, I try to move less. In space always terribly hot. We there escaped as could: overalls on knees and on elbows cut off and - the main thing - water all time drank. Helped.

love BAGIJAN, the doctor - the cardiologist:

- Me personally water procedures help to transfer a heat: within the working day each half an hour I try to wash and rinse hands to elbows. And leaving on the sun, I do not forget bejsbolku. My advice to cores : a minimum of the loadings, any direct sun rays and constant control of pressure and pulse rate.

Evgenie PETROSYAN, the humorist:

- It is necessary to drink hot tea. This way was thought up by Uzbeks, they even in 50 - gradusnuju a heat drink tea and very well feel. I think, it is correct from the physical point of view though psychologically to force to pour in in itself boiled water difficult enough. But all of you - taki try!

TEREKHOV`S Anna, the actress:

- I Try to be near to water. After all it is a life source. And still I use the sprays which have appeared now. Very convenient piece, especially when you on tours, during long flights and moving: it was sprinkled a little and as if anew was born!

Nikita VYSOTSKY, the director of the Center - Vladimir Vysotsky`s museum:

- Alas, I do not know a way of rescue from a heat. Therefore silently I die.

Valery MELADZE, the singer:

- There is an ice-cream and to sing! It is the brightest recipe from my childhood. In hot summer day us, children, dressed in all the best, we went to park and ate ice-cream. And our father went nearby and sang. We terribly hesitated, but the father said that at the time of its youth all sang in the street.

Muhamadzhan ZIGANSHIN, the former consul - the adviser of Consulate general of the Russian Federation in Istanbul (Turkey):

- It is necessary to drink more than mineral water and to carry hlopchato - paper clothes of light tones.

Alena APINA, the singer:

- Now the most fashionable feature which was already tested by my colleagues on variety shop, - to drink green Japanese tea. Only to make it it is necessary correctly. At first to fall asleep tea leaves, then to fill in with abrupt boiled water and to shake up special bamboo venichkom before occurrence it is light - green foam. The main moment - to drink such tea it is necessary slowly, small drinks. Green it is bitterish - the tart weight melts in the mouth literally. The freshening effect is guaranteed!

Delaj GERLAJ, the adviser of embassy of Ethiopia in Russia:

- Yes unless it is a heat? We in the homeland on such temperature of attention do not convert. And from our heat we escape, as well as all: by means of fans and soft drinks.