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That gross national product to double, the floor - Russia should be planted

In a recent note Serf Russia the XXI-st centuries I have designated us, Russians, idlers, than the reader`s anger from all corners of the country has called. Repent, has got excited. In Republic Komi it was possible to me to behold the present labour idyll: a farm in hundreds beasts where even pigs are full, well-groomed and pure, as stars of our platform. Impressive nursing on vydraennym to floors, it is equal on a podium, seem, now will start singing with hripottsoj, which on snosjah: I am pregnant, it is temporary! in hothouses under northern sun cucumbers, tomatoes radiate with greens... And in all this field simple Russian muzhiks - sober, hard-working fairly work! One zakavyka - both an economy, and muzhiks are fenced from this world by a strong fence with a barbed wire.

FREEDOM SPOILS the PERSON! - The motto ispravitelno - labour establishment of OS - 34/ 3 in settlement Rakpas that in 160 kilometres on severo - the east from Syktyvkar. With this saying of an unknown local wise man here all agree: and those who protects, and those who sits. I agree also, but with a certain doubt, I believe, freedom spoils not everything, and still...

to Nikolay 31 year. The foreman piloramshchikov. The strong, clever muzhik. From 18 years 1 year and 1 month left on freedom only. The third term stays. Articles: robbery extortion illegal storage of the weapon . It is disciplined, competent, hardworking.

- that to you, Nikolay, at liberty - that is not?

- there there is order, no justice. Rich have enslaved poor, and I do not want to kowtow and worship. At me it is a lot of trades, I do not consume drugs, at all I do not drink. But here in 2007 - m I will be released, I will go in lespromhoz (I local), to me will offer one and a half - two thousand salary, and on Mercedes roll. It is necessary to me? No! I again will go to to friends .

- And here you work for the big money?

- is not present, but here all are equal, and consequently to me work in pleasure.

here personally I undertake to judge nothing, having given this to experts.

it is a lot of on a local zone even such which to thirty - to forty years for the first time in life have tested pleasure of a constructive labour and, without hesitating, declare that.

- there was I at liberty the vagabond bomzhoj, - Serega - hen house, admits years 45, - from dustbins ate, and here the person became, I eat every day, as at restaurant. I will leave on will, and there companions again in the bog will tighten.

Spoiled by freedom

In Knjazhpogostsky area where this colony is located, at liberty lives whether 20 thousand to people, whether 30. As considered in recent census, could not count. Therefore different chiefs give out so different figures. Have reported, clearly, zavyshenno, as well as across all Russia that it is more from the centres to demand. At the Soviet mode here the wood industry roughly worked, dengu hurt the enormous. As declared freedom - all has failed. The muzhik has washed down, has gone in parasites (article have cancelled!) All, of course, has gone, but nevertheless number huge. And those who has not decayed, pull with a scratch unique factory DVP (drevesno - a fibrous plate), receiving for work one and a half - three thousand roubles. Pjan which here everywhere, roughly so is indignant:

- Here you write, the correspondent why crests, Moldavians accept on lespromhozam, and the - is not present?!

And that is not clear! On which lespromhozam parasites yes drunkards?!

drunks in local villages and settlements live basically on pension of old men of parents, are sometimes interrupted by small work: fire wood to whom popilit, a tomb to dig out... Drink a screen wiper Troy . Specially for them on the north it is delivered this rubbish in considerable quantities. From Troys quickly lose sight and soon completely grow blind. But it at all does not stop, after all in the blind pay a disability pension. The fallen creatures in a human appearance manage to get children. Hungry pale oborvyshi continually steal food, them it is necessary porot. And what to the blind father to catch the child? Mashka, go to me, I to you a candy of ladies! cachectic silly Mashka understands that it is a deceit, but movable by a children`s instinct falls into clutches daddies - the monster. ah you, a bough, again jaichko have stolen, have eaten!

on my deep belief, for such, with great reserve to tell, people who yet did not become invalids but only aspire, any rehabilitation centres - Soviet LTP are necessary and article " is necessary; for a parasitic way of life . And that after all you look at all this nasty thing, and there is an impression that healthy life only at people behind a prickle. Though healthy it it is conditional. A colony in settlement Rakpas - for sick of a tuberculosis. However she feeds all area with meat and vegetables.

- if to observe elementary rules of hygiene the tuberculosis will not stick, - chiefs of a colony explain. - For all history there was only one case: the ensign has caught and has died, but he is guilty, chifir from one mug with convicts of saws. And we eat the same meat, milk, and all are healthy.

work is more sweet bondage?

Prison doctor Muhtar Jusupov has arrived from Dagestan.

- in the homeland I cannot work, there bribe circle! Especially on such post. Dishonourable doctors can give out any inquiry on imaginary physical inability and even on a cancer tumour on which at once release. The rural elder to me has told: the Doctor taking bribes, is similar to a Satan! here I also have left. A leah dangerously to work? The tuberculosis, as well as any illness, holy terror and if it has not merited, it will not stick.

- if our spaces have not been limited by a prison fence, we would give a product more, - the chief of a colony Starodubets Victor Stepanovich, the person with the big bents to farmer business complains.

- And what to you prevents to break hen houses yes plantations on the free earths? - I am interested. - how much in settlement of people of the unemployed, and how much your experts are released, to which have no place to go and there is nothing to do...

and Victor Stepanovich, and it zamy accept thought with hohotkom:

is here they such sloggers, and at liberty try you them force to work!

and it so. The percent of the people, capable to work in the conditions of freedom is small in Russia.

in rakpasskoj to a colony costs beautiful rublenaja church - directly Kizhi! Constructed, naturally, convicts led by certain recidivist Dmitry Skarlyginym, 1968 year of birth. That left 8 years for a robbery and should leave on one and a half year earlier for good behaviour. But the prisoner himself has refused pardon to finish building. The recidivist never obviously earlier working, refuses freedom for the sake of a constructive labour in bondage?! One more puzzle for experts.

their customs

Life in prison settlement is full of intrigues and drama events.

Nikolay Nikolaevich Didjuk who was zampolit of establishment, nowadays the non-staff correspondent almost all republican newspapers, conducts annals of the settlement under N.Beskumirnyj`s pseudonym. instead of repair of apartments of pensioners and preparation of objects of housing and communal services for winter beskonvojnye denounced Zaharov, Stibunov and others built to the chief a summer kitchen... The camp heads began to carry people in avtozake (the car for transportation of prisoners) and to take a payment, as for journey to the bus... The club in settlement Rakpas does not work for a long time... To some remains nothing, as to fill in for a collar ... On what shishi the chief of a colony V.Starodubets has got new Volga ?

the Chief of Century starodubets for settlement in 300 human showers, mislaid in a taiga solitude and bodily adhered to a colony, all the same that the Moses for ancient Jews - where will move, there it and road. And customs at Victor Stepanovicha concordant posts. At employment as devoted me local, Victor Stepanovich demands at once two statements - the second on dismissal, only without date. Hardly the worker has stumbled, on the second statement the number is there and then put.

- yes, I am severe, and how with them differently? - Questions Starodubets. - Annually I allocate for settlement of 900 000 roubles, from that money the lion`s share goes on repayment of a debt of alcoholics for an electricity and coal. And what to do, at them children.

subordinated Starodubtsa and that more abruptly. To me have given the statement of certain citizen Ermishkinoj addressed to Starodubtsa:

I Ask you to write out to me on repair of apartment of 46 metres of pipes as old all have decayed...

On the document there is a wide resolution of one of zamov the chief of a colony: H. To you in... . Words on a paper are registered bodily. However, Starodubets considers this document as provocation: Now on the computer it is possible to forge any signature! - but to make investigation does not wish. Citizen Ermishkina has died recently, ostensibly from perusal of that resolution.

here the bullet has flown by, and aha...

employees in a colony, as well as relatives of employees, concern Starodubtsu tremblingly and honouring. Dismissed scribble anonimki with type exposures: ... The colony administration sells saw-timbers with recoil. The buyer pays officially 70 % from contractual price and 30 % privately... frauds with meat take place... though zhalobshchiki fine understand senselessness of the complaints.

- If on a zone in the evening urgently hammer in a pig, we already know: tomorrow there will arrive auditors from Syktyvkar. If two pigs hammer, means, there will be auditors from the Moscow. Auditors from us leave so that a luggage carrier Volga it is not closed!

... And all the same we write, can, we will wait, and normal auditors will arrive.

will not wait! Auditors too people with the useless salary. And the chief of a colony has declared to me, directly looking in eyes that it and its subordinates are not engaged in any frauds. I should believe, though not so - that I understand, what for to live on one small pay, being at such feeding trough? In the country with impunity steal billions, and here in a solitude yes not to start up on the left pair of cars of wood, tens pigs... It, on my researches of Russia, loss of any authority before the higher heads and subordinates.

Once at rainy night when Nikolay Didjuk (Beskumirnyj) wrote the next sketch to the newspaper, in a window of its matrimonial bedroom the bullet has flown, having punched an accurate hole in glass. Inspector Chukalin K. F has withdrawn a bullet and has made about that the report without delay. But a week later local policeman Rashektaev A. N has made own investigation and has established that that night simply kiddies catapulted cats and have casually got a metal slice to a window of spouses Didjukov. On that business also have closed. As it is right, that recidivist - the foreman piloramshchikov, doing not wish to accept will that there is no on it an order.

people language komi is mighty and capacious. The district Emva name is translated into Russian so: in the river proceeding here such pure water that is visible even a needle at the bottom. And the settlement Rakpas name where the colony is located, means on - russki: Even flying by over this place of a raven was surprised to unusual beauty of the nature and has twisted to itself a nest on a high pine. Names very much even reflect beauty of local pine, lake places. And it would be possible to name these open spaces truly paradise, if not people...