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Europe chokes

France: asphalt is fused, rails too

In France heat - a unique subject for conversations, complaints, sighs. 36 degrees in Paris - record temperature for July. In the south of France from a heat not only plavitsja asphalt, but also rails are deformed: the train Paris - Marseilles is excellent. Deformation of a road cloth on motorways became one of the reasons of growth of number of failures. The most known victim - bicycle racer Hoseba Beloki who has lost from - for devilries of asphalt management at a stage Tour de France and received set of traumas.

from a heat pastures dry up, and in Switzerland next to France the rivers dry up also, fish perishes. Mountain glaciers thaw... The situation develops catastrophic, necessarily there is a sensation that Europe slowly but surely tries to turn to Africa.

Great Britain: From a heat escape beer

Monday became in the most hot afternoon in Great Britain this year. The temperature has reached 33 degrees. While the country does not test extreme difficulties with water, but the interdiction for watering of lawns from a hose one of these days has been entered. Also the authorities were converted to citizens with the request with a view of economy to take a shower, instead of a bath. But sale of sun-protection creams for these days has grown on 150 %, fans - five times, and beer - four times.

Italy: state of emergency

the Unknown heat which has strangled the Apennines in the embraces can be declared, has tired out tourists in hotels, whence risk to escape only the most desperate like Japanese.

in the north of Italy - a drought. Under forecasts, the damage to agriculture will make 5 billion euro, and the price for greens and fruit already now for 20 percent above the usual. It is connected with shortage of fresh water for watering. The water level in the rivers has fallen to some metres. In Italy prepare the plan of extreme actions for a case of continuation of a heat which will include periodic disconnect of water supply and electric power restriction in big cities. Already today power stations in the north of Italy work in half of capacity in connection with shortage of water.

Germany: in expectation of thermal thunder-storms

Within the next days Germany the strongest called by a heat as their meteorologists name expect, thermal thunder-storms . The German weather service has warned that streams of rain water, a lightning and hailstones will fall upon Southern Germany - between Boden sea and the Top Rhine. However the day temperature here all - taki will not exceed 35 degrees.


the World meteorological organisation (VMO) sounds alarm: climate changes of the Earth this year have accepted unknown scales. Here some facts:

2003, possibly, becomes most hot for all 143 - summer history of supervision over weather on a planet;
in Switzerland the July temperature has broken a record established 250 years ago;
and in Paris the high temperature since 1945 on July, 14th has been registered;
level of the biggest Italian river On already on 7 metres below norm. It is a record for last 90 years;
but in a midland of Russia in July the temperature has appeared below norm on two - three degrees. Last time such cold summer was 25 years ago.