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Darya Aslamova: As I rushed about from sadists to masochists

In last release fatties Darya Aslamova has told, how it has got to the Japanese salon elite and closed from strangers sadomazohistov where rich clients felt delight from linkage by ropes and steganija pletkami. And then her have invited to enter official club of fans of these thrills...

(the termination. The beginning in number from June, 11th.)

the SADO-MASO - club. What does it look like?

To begin with to us ordered to fill the questionnaire in which I was puzzled with one point: Specify your sexual predilections: sado, mazo or both that, and another. Necessary to underline . Not to suffer, I have chosen both that, and another . The Plastic card of membership in SM - club to me was solemnly handed over by the maiden of dazzling beauty in a scarlet leather dress and a black corset. Having seen envy in my opinion, Hige has offered: If you want, you can change clothes. At us a full case of such belongings .

And really, in SM - club there are big clothes with such mad choice of sexual toilets of which each woman, even if it the traditional homemaker with a heap of kiddies in secret dreams. I have chosen a silk red dress with a mad cut and all the same black corset. In a tiny toilet room I was skilfully laced up by Aki. Now it is safely possible to get on in the world.

SM - club - a small room with inevitable hooks on walls to suspend a victim. Atmosphere the warmest and house. All each other know and love. In the middle of a room thrash pletkoj the next client. Everyone can take part in this amusing representation. I too take in hands pletku and is cheerful luptsuju the friend and the colleague - the Japanese journalist. The more it bends under my blows, the more I fly into a passion. What the hell this such! Perhaps I all - taki the sadist in a shower?

after club we go for a supper to Hige. I have prepared all. I know that you are already spoilt by Japanese restaurants. Therefore today there will be simple home cuisine - bamboo sprouts, seaweed, wood mushrooms, lotus roots . In a mouth of Hige it sounds as a potato, carrot, peas .

At supper Hige tells about the role of the teacher when to it steams for SM training - to games come. In effect it is work of the director supervising impudent, dangerous game. It distributes scenes, learns with actors of a role, rehearses and in the fullness of time submits remarks. you have an orgasm during games? - I ask. it not absolutely the orgasm, simply a seed starts to exude on the sly if the victim correctly reacts. Understand, in a Japanese sado-maso the pleasure of both parties is important. It is double lifting uphill, a double orgasm. It in Europe men employ prostitutes and receive that want " for money;. Hige, you the strong person, and with mentality at you that`s OK. You all life did that wanted. Entered into a cage with women with a switch in hands moreover and received for it money. Also has not gone mad thus. But not all such strong, as you. And what will be with girls who come to you to salon? I look at them and I hear, how hand bells of the leprous, emotionally crippled women ring. After all the sado-maso is life on the verge, at the razor`s edge. It is possible to fall all more low and more low and simply to lose mind. One with impunity pass through a pleasure fire, others on it alive burn down .

Hige begins to smoke the next cigarette, and its person grows dark. happens and so, - he responds. - last year two girls from club have died, have committed suicide. Fans always go too far. They are not able to operate as should the art. In that my work also consists to teach people to play not simply, but also to supervise itself in games. Be able to find safe territory of curiosity. In effect in club I am faster the psychoanalyst, than the normal sadist. You remember Aki? It has come to me to club in a status sincere rasterzannosti. The typical girl with a fatherly complex and the finished masochist. I had to work much with it . - And now you have made of it the sadist? - I have simply levelled to it mentality. She slept on the sofa three months in my salon, hid from the former boy friend - the stalker . - What does the stalker mean? - the lover who cannot reconcile to beloved loss in any way and starts of it in pursuit everywhere, in every possible way to threaten and try to return it. In Japan this typical phenomenon. There are even the social services protecting women from stalkers. They help to find it new habitation or to replace phone number. It is difficult to Japanese to reconcile to love loss, and they are helpless in attempts of its display. For example, the adult guy wants to make a declaration of love to the girl. It will make it through familiar, instead of directly . - How children at school write notes or ask to pass a recognition through friends . - so . - Then explain to me why Japanese so good-natured and openly let out the first comer that Europeans would not dare to tell even under torture, - the sexual secrets, love stories, problems in home life . - Yes, but they do not speak about it with the wives or beloved. To casual people they will lay out all with readiness, but not to relatives .

SM - theatre

For the next day we have gone to SM - theatre. To its organizer Akechi Denki already for sixty. rope the patriarch. Thin, ishlestannyj time the Japanese in immutable black glasses. I do not want, that someone saw my eyes when I do it. SM - first of all secret - he explains. Its salon indeed looks, as theatre. The black scene, competently put light, slow potustoronnjaja music and someone`s voice which is charging extra ancient Japanese legends. Two girls in a kimono with hopelessness of guinea pigs prepare for show.

it begins - and I run into a sleepiness. All is very beautiful, smoothly and... Boringly. All these of suspension on a rack look as performance of trapeze artists in circus. I would like the present. show to me play - game for a two - I ask in impatience. Akechi Denki nods also something whispers to the partner similar to an ancient Japanese doll. At it brilliant direct black hair and round ugly it is gentle - the white person (all Japanese use bleaching creams). The girl cruelly connect and hitch up on a rack where she suffers minutes forty. When it lower downwards, all its body is shaken with convulsions. Naked and helpless, it fights in spasms on a floor. Akechi Denki tells it something calming, and then starts to beat sharply a palm on a floor. From vibration the body of the girl shudders, as if from blows, and its suffering mouth is deformed in a grimace. I see this performance of carefully thought over madness, and me the shiver starts to beat. Then the girl starts to kiss feet to the torturer. The woman here is how should accept the man! Ulcers of thy stings and traces from thy blows are blest.

when performance is ended, Akechi Denki wipes sweat from a forehead, and the shivering girl wraps up in blankets. When it comes to the senses, I ask it: What for to you these terrible games? - do not think that I abnormal. I same, as well as you. Simply I all life thought that for the acts I will get to a hell. And in a hell of all suspend on a rack. Well and I have decided to get used in advance, a leah that. That then it was not terrible in a hell . - It was sick? - not how it seems. The painful threshold can be overcome or stretched. Simply I have released the emotions, have switched off self-checking .

After show we drink green tea with Akechi Denki and we talk about its usual life. Certainly, it is married, as any absolute respectable Japanese. you are engaged in SM - games with the wife? - I ask it. once tried. Has resulted it in a special place with hooks on a wall, has connected it, it even was raised. And suddenly - such ill luck! - she has seen on a floor of a cockroach. And all. As cut off . - Means, at you it traditional sex? - sex? - Akechi Denki is surprised. - we with it have already made for a long time children. So sex is not necessary to us any more. And then, I late come home from work. What I, will awake her for the sake of such business?

the SM - hotels

the Meeting in special hostel of the Sado-maso to us were appointed by the woman on a nickname the Black panther, the unique woman in Japan - the master on kimbaku (linkage). It has indeed appeared similar to a panther. Thin, flexible, all in black, it is impossible elegant. In style of Joko It, only is a hundred times more beautiful.

SM - hotels are special hostels for sadomazohistov. Terribly expensive. Two hours per hotel manage in hundred dollars for pair. To begin with to you hand over the catalogue of rooms that you could choose to yourselves number on taste, according to your favourite perversions. Each room has the whole precipice of sadistic ammunition - handcuffs, switches, ropes, collars. Instead of a toilet - a special toilet bowl in the middle of a room for fans unko. Everywhere red light, gynecologic armchairs and crosses on which crucify clients. It is not necessary to blame Japanese for violation of religion. At them on a broader scale very children`s, naive, light relation to any religion. They conceive only its outer side, without pressing in philosophical reasonings. Everything that is beautiful, and is correct. For example, the most popular cafe in the centre of Tokyo - Christian cafe - would result in shock of any roman catholic. Imagine to itself the real latin church with an altar, statues sacred, with stained-glass windows and set of burning candles in which behind little tables all night long drink and people eat. Each detail in cafe is sustained in strictly church spirit, and it shocks nobody.

in the Sado-maso - hotel the Panther has chosen a room with a huge cross. It on a broader scale has a soft corner in the heart for Christian features. fans of SM all over the world revere the Christ as the first masochist, - she has declared. - and your sacred? Take though sacred Sebastjana with arrows. Each time when I happen in Paris, I first of all go to Louvre to take pleasure in an art religious aspect. All your Christian religion is constructed on sado-masochism ideals - on crucifyings, on clarification by travails, on sense of guilt and a sin, on patience, eventually .

As in the Sado-maso - hotel it is necessary to suffer, the Panther has suspended me half-naked on a rack. (Women connect much more rigidly, than men.) and when I all from herself perfect dangled on ropes, someone has guessed to open shutters. Directly on me from darkness windows of the Russian embassy shone. A scene that was necessary - I for a long time so did not laugh, in particular hanging on ropes. On such comic note my adventures in the Sado-masochism country have ended.

and now I will tell, what`s happened with me after. Just I have returned from the sea where had a rest with the beloved, in ugly traces from inept linkage.

poison of these paradise poisons has already got into my blood.