Rus News Journal

Julia Bordovsky spends in Peter of night

From the Country and the world - in small restaurant on Neva

the Presenter of the program the Country and the world during week-end has gone to Petersburg to have time to grasp the white nights.

- when Moscow was filled in with rains, there there was a wonderful warm weather, and I, probably, have understood for the first time, for what Petersburg has been anthemed by poets and so we love radical Petersburgers.

Julia together with the company of friends has gone to have supper in the small Japanese small restaurant located on the bank of gulf of Finland. Visitors was a little. Pleasant music, tasty dishes, warm evening, the sun falling to water... Then all have returned to a city, and Julia spent day, sitting in a coffee house on the bank of Neva at a tea cup.

days off in Peter of a steel for Julia the present outlet as to work to it it is necessary all the summer long, and in holiday to it will allow to leave only in the end of August.

Michael Leontev draws country sketches

In a past week-end Michael Leontev has been noticed in one of large furniture stores where as it was found out, looked after conditions for a summer residence.

- in 1998 I have got small - six on six - a small house from a bar. Such usually do on a turn-key basis for nine days. Ever since this small house acquires additional premises, - Michael has told. - this time we with the wife bought furniture for a so-called guest room.

to a trip to shop Michael himself has drawn the sketch of that furniture which would like to see in a room. However, it at all has not prevented it to conduct heated arguments with the spouse concerning what it should be bought. As a result have stopped on furniture in style of the country.

- it seems to me that on it summer residence arrangement will end. Everything that is necessary, we have already constructed, it is necessary to pull down only. But with it while it is necessary pogodit.

Vasja Strelnikov has decided to live with Tinoj Kandelaki

Vasily and its colleague on the channel Ooze of Kandelaki (it conducts on STS programs Details and the cleverest ) one of these days have decided to live together. More correctly, in the neighbourhood. And the matter is that Vase constantly does not carry all with neighbours. People petty and inclined to dismantlings come across to it.

- recently we with Ooze conducted one party. She also has informed me that is going to get real estate in Silver to a pine forest. This idea was pleasant to me, and I have decided to keep Kandelaki the company. Places in Silver to a pine forest - lovely sight!

we are on friendly terms for a long time with Ooze families. And I think that the best neigbour not to find, - Vasily is assured.

one of these days stars STS have issued all appropriate pieces of paper and now wait for house warming. However, till this happy moment still very far: the house just is under construction.