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People and dogs who have surprised us


the Kirghiz leader Askar Akaev has immortalised the old companion: on the bank of lake Issyk - the Sack is opened a monument to the first Russian president (in position “sitting“, plaster).

Presidents at us yet did not put...

the Summer resident from village Ragulovo (the Leningrad region) Has surprisingly got off light, when on its kitchen garden otbombilsja the Sou - 24: the educational rocket has destroyed only a country house roof yes slightly has hooked a splinter on a lip of the owner. Therefore do not despond attacked with the sky ragulovtsy: the roof can be patched, a lip to sew up.

if only there was no war!

the Winner of two last stages “Formulas - 1” unpleasantly was surprised to customs of the Moscow roads: “Here drivers speak on the phone moreover twirl by a head on the parties! I urge you to go more carefully!” Thanks for advice, careful you our, fined by recently Austrian GAI officers for a speed of 170 km/ hour. At absence as it was found out, a driving licence...

Broadcasting company CNN has extended sensational news: sex - a symbol of world tennis is going to become mother. By estimates of experts, it is 34 - e during the last years the message on pregnancy of the unluckiest Russian sportswoman.

it is better victory at last would give birth!
the Faithful dog

He dozed in the house of collective-farm milkmaid Olga Melnichuk (village the Floor of the Kirov region) When in a room the fireball has flown. And mother with an eight-year daughter have stiffened in horror...

it has rushed, withdrawing behind itself a deadly sphere. The lightning has caught up with a dog already behind a gate. And it was lost from rupture of the dog heart, though what it dog...