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The cat of Rusik caught not mice, and poachers. Death valiant

Who also has fallen has thought up to make of a cat of Ruslana “ njuhacha “ already nobody remembers. Still a kitten it has brought on kontrolno - militia check point (KPPM) foreman Ruslan Ibragimov. It has picked up it directly on a line where that sat on a roadside and plaintively mewed.

the cat who has received a name in honour of the Savior, has grown, has accustomed and has proved as the true fan of fish. It is necessary to tell that for militiamen of Stepnovsky area the poachers taking through KPPM tons illegally caught in Caspian sea sturgeon were the biggest problem always.

And a scent - as at a dog...

Rusika trained within the whole year - trained to feel fish in any cargo.

- first he behaved very wilfully: It bit, scratched and even escaped, - the chief kontrolno - check point of militia Stepnovsky ROVD Sergey Kovalenko has told. - He was afraid of drivers, a roar of cars and bright light of headlights. But then has gradually accustomed, has got used. Itself began to come into salons of buses and cars.

poachers sobbed, when a tender cat, potershis about their boots, directed directly to them “ zahoronkam “ also started to mew without restraint.

Rusik found fish even in huge “ KamAZah “ up to the top loaded by vegetables. Criminals hoped that the onion smell can interrupt a specific smell of sturgeons. But not here - that was!

a herring - too valuable fish!

were in work and funny cases. Here, for example, once have stopped legkovushku, have let in there Rusika, and it has started to signal: say, contraband carry. After careful survey it was found out that at the passenger of the car, the elderly woman, in a bag a herring!

the Customs kindly does not give

Soon hearings about a cat - the militiaman were quickly carried across Stavropol Territory. It is said that the Dagestan colleagues from Juzhnosuhokumska asked to sell a unique cat. Well or to release for a short while in official journey. Probably, wanted to entice local kitties. But colleagues of Rusika anywhere have not released.

after by means of a cat have detained tons of illicit cargo, poachers have ceased to carry fish through Stepnovsky area. Criminals began on - to the present to be afraid of Ruslana. They preferred to do a hook in 150 kilometres, than to lose precious extraction.

Was lost, but its business lives

Rusik was lost one week ago, at execution. The cat examined salon of the bus and, having finished check, has jumped off from steps and has run to KPM. At this time at great speed on a line went legkovushka. Chances to escape at Rusika was not. Fondly, of course, to think that it was attempt on having a tail “ the customs officer “. But you never can tell...

employees Stepnovsky KPM very much worry from - about  destructions of the colleague. Calms that fact a little that the four-leg guard has left after itself three kittens who live now on fast.

if they will have a same talent as at a folder, it will be shortly possible to see postovyh with the cats examining a luggage carrier of the car.


the Nickname: RUSLAN,
Weight: 4 kg (before watch)
Growth: 70 sm (from a nose till the end of a tail)
Colouring: uniform, grey in polosochku.
the Government-issue weapon: cold (claws)
the Size of a gas mask: spetszakaz
the Size of footwear: barefooted

the Biography: was born in 1999 In 2001 Has arrived on service in Stepnovsky ROVD as a cat - the searcher, year trained. Was lost on duty in July, 2003

the LAST “ MJAU “

Farewell, the moustached hour Native land!

heart of the small watchman of boundless granaries of the Native land Has ceased to fight. The trouble-free worker, the expert on valuable grades of fishes and a shower of the company was lost. And let tell some (dogs!) that you “ took “! Perhaps also took, but how much good you have saved up!

sleep easily! We will not offend thy widows and children, and they will always have a slice of a small fish which you so loved. And thy enemies - poachers let shudder each time, zavidja in the street grey kittens.

group of companions and friends of animals.