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Muhtar has sneezed at a French perfume

- Open, the stinker, I will kill! - heart-breaking shouts reach from the house ground floor on the University prospectus. There is a young man with a dog. The dog heart-rendingly barks. On a porch the scared tenants with a carpet napereves have crowded, on a shop of the old woman discuss an event.

it not uproar, is shootings of a new serial under the working name “ Returning of Muhtara “. Something like “ Commissioner Reksa “ on Russian harmony. The plot of one of series is that. The husband and the wife have secretly employed detectives for shadowing one after another. And here the spouse, having hidden a floor above, has accepted a detective of the wife for its lover. Over cφενξι returnings of the husband now the film crew also works.

- Julja, make so that Gunja now did not bark, - director Alexander Polynnikov explains to the trainer. - remarks it is not audible.

Muhtar - it Gunja, it Dunkan

Gunja is and there is Muhtar. In the world east - the European sheep-dog is called by Vargun, and on a role - Muhtar. Gunja not one, and with the step-brother Dunkanom acts in film. That substitutes Vargushu in some episodes.

- Dunkan at us the athlete, - notices the director. - he likes to run, carry out tricks. And Vargun - “ the national actor “. Very tender, adores to communicate.

about what a serial?

In “ Muhtare “ there will be forty series. In each of them an operative brigade - Artem (Alexander Nosik), Shreds (Victor Nizovoj) and Lena (Alla Kovnir) will investigate the next case. Muhtar will be the main character in investigations, certainly.

economic duties are assigned To it also. Only instead of reserved “ medical “ beer it brings Artemu mineral water from the refrigerator. And still to a dog Lenochka is very nice, and he in every possible way tries to reduce it with the owner.

the Dog for “ bribes “ does not work

For a role of Muhtara the best dogs of Moscow and Moscow suburbs applied. But Vargun has appeared the most beautiful. Special preparation at a dog was not, and to the trainer of studio “ Mosfilm - CYNOLOGY “ Julia Jushkovoj had to take it to itself.

- Gunja the big clear head. It is literally from the second - the third double accurately executes the command, - Julia tells. - for it shootings is a game, and it is important to carry away it. Feed its houses well, and he is a little interested in a delicacy. The main thing that all event grasped it.

and still Gune it is necessary to perform absolutely unusual work. For example, to smell spirits. In one of episodes of Artem and Shreds choose for Lena a gift - perfume. Children come to shop, and names of spirits cannot remember. Here - that the smell from a bottle with favourite aroma of Lena also should Muhtar identify.

to the Person in perfumery shop in five minutes it becomes bad, it is possible to present that the dog which feels force to smell everyone “ Chanel “?! Speak, after shootings of Muhtar still for a long time “ otchihival “ the perfumery which has eaten in a nose.

now shootings in the heat. And spectators can see a serial on the channel “ Russia “ more close by the winter.


To the well-known film new “ Muhtar “ has rather remote relation. Simply so it has turned out that “ To me, Muhtar! “ became “ the fashion-maker “ on east - the European sheep-dogs and, of course, on this sonorous nickname.

a picture “ To me, Muhtar! “ has been removed in 1964. The lieutenant of militia Glazychev (this role Yury Nikulin has executed) and a sheep-dog on a nickname of Muhtar together caught criminals. For Muhtara there were no impracticable problems. It rescued time and again the owner from death.