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The Sochi sniper has fired at 12 passers-by

About the sniper who hunted for passers-by, the city of Sochi has learnt, only when the young girl was converted into fracture clinic with a bullet wound. It went in the morning on sidewalk near to a skyscraper along the street Apricot and has suddenly heard a clap.

- I have felt strong enough blow on a hand, - she tells. - I look at a brush - the skin has burst, blood has begun to flow. Strong enough there was a bleeding.

having felt a hand, she has found out any firm ball under a skin.

in fracture clinic a ball have taken and at once have defined: it is a bullet from the pneumatic weapon.

at once in a house court yard 17 the operations group of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central area and the Sochi OMON have jerked.

- they have bypassed all apartments, - eyewitnesses tell, - some hours interrogated tenants. Found out, who in apartment can have a pneumatic weapon.

this time they have not found the sniper. Have detained any boy, made with it investigatory experiments, and at this time have appeared new a victim. Among converted into militia there was also a pregnant woman - the bullet of the sniper has got to it directly to a stomach. Fortunately, without tragical consequences. To it in time have rendered medical aid.

the senior inspector on affairs of minors of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central area has found marksman Ilgar Salimov. It has repeatedly interrogated victims, has found witnesses of several more shots, has drawn the scheme and has calculated so-called bombardment sector - some points from which shooting in the set direction is possible. The search area has extended - to number of suspicious apartments have got a little not only in an ill-starred skyscraper, but also in nearby houses.

two days the inspector continually was in sector .

By the end of the second day starlej Salimov has gone to check up apartment, whence, on its calculations, could shoot. And during this moment the shot was distributed! The clap - and on asphalt has appeared at once lead a fritter from the flattened out bullet. It seems that the sniper aimed in the inspector. Having seen in a doorway of the militiaman, he has thrown a rifle on a floor and in all admitted.

the sniper had appeared 18 - summer Denis Derjagin, working local timber enterprise. Adored video with the American insurgents, by the way.

- Why you shot only in the morning and in the evening? - Its militiamen have asked.

- at this time in the street most of all people, and, means, the bullet will necessarily find the purpose, - has coolly responded Sochi terminator .

In free from shooting and work time he touchingly cared of the only thing, except it, the tenant of the apartment - the small black kitten brought from street.

in the near future the marksman will appear before court on charge in hooliganism and drawing of physical injuries. Militias are known while only six Derjagina which have suffered from a bullet. The guy asserts that victims should be 10 - 12. It is Not less.


the Surname of the suspect is changed in the interests of the investigation.