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Vladimir Mayakovsky`s American daughter

Illegitimate children does not happen. From casual communications they are not born - only from love. And love illegal cannot be.

Mrs. Thompson proves it to all who names Mayakovsky`s American love sexual relations . Her mother, Elli Johns, also did not think to be protected. She has responded to Mayakovsky`s question on it: to Love is means to have children . Without doubting At all that they never can be together: girl Liza who has run away from Russia from revolution which has ruined her father, and the singer of this revolution.

at Mayakovsky of women was enough. Lilja Brick, Veronica Polonsky, Tatyana Jakovleva - all of them on hearing. About Elli Johns and their daughters the poet was silent. Enamoured at once have agreed to save all only for them a two. Elen - Patrician Dzh. Thompson, it - Elena Vladimirovna Majakovsky has told about itself to the world only after death of mother.

Elli and Vladimir have got acquainted in 1925, during a three-monthly trip of the poet to America. Mayakovsky dragged it with itself on parties and lectures, meetings and walks. It almost did not have money, and Elli spent the insignificant savings, bringing it tinned soups, fruit and bread. And in day of its departure of Elli, having come back home, has found out a bed covered with a carpet of forget-me-nots - in November! And Mayakovsky, having spent for this focus the last, came back to Russia in a close cabin of the fourth class...

Elen - the patrician saw the father only once, at three-year age in Nice.

- I have remembered very much - very big feet... It shook me on a knee, threw, tickled...

mum never hid from the girl, who her father. Elen was proud of the father, but terribly was afraid to live in a shade . Before to declare that she is Mayakovsky`s daughter, has made independent career. Now Elena Vladimirovna - the professor, the inventor of the theory gestianskogo feminism (Gestija - the goddess of a home). It is softer than traditional feminism, does not force the woman to strain to be in action on a level with men, but confirms its self-value in the role which have been taken away by the nature.

from the beginning of ninetieth Mrs. Thompson spent much time in archives of the poet, met its friends and acquaintances, has deciphered cartridges on which wrote down conversations with the mother, and has written the book: Mayakovsky on Manhattan. A love story which left one of these days in Moscow.

... We with Elena Vladimirovnoj have approached to a monument to Mayakovsky on the Triumphal area. The ten workers with buckets and rags washed a monument. The high American has clapped the hands:

- About! They wash history!!!

And at once has wanted to shake hands with the hard worker, scrubbing a pedestal of a monument to her father.