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Rajmond Pauls: I have not died Of drunkenness nearly...

do not give to drink to the pianist

- Rajmond Voldemarovich, you do not take many years alcohol. Why you have decided to fasten with binge?

- I can tell the story - the musician who played dances. People approached to me, treated, bringing notorious hundred gramme in a thick glass tumbler. Pleasures any, but all the same during game you accept. And so it accrued every day, drank in increasing frequency. It has turned basically already to illness. Perhaps all depended on weak character...

- anything to itself weak if took and have stopped to drink...

- I speak about that period. Then I could come drunk for work that has been connected with constants halturami - on dances, at restaurants and so on... Listened to false compliments, and to me all poured and poured. But the moment has come, when it was necessary to think what to do. Especially from - that I have not come once on a concert, me have dismissed from the Riga philharmonic society.

hard drinkings could last week. And here my good friends - the actress of our national theatre Lydia Frejmane (which already, unfortunately, is not present) and her husband Osvald Pasternak (he, unfortunately, tragically too has died), constantly spoke to me that I went to be treated. The big role my wife has played also, convincing me to finish binges, to lay down in hospital...

rescue itself

- At you at that time the daughter already was born. To it, probably, then there was all a year?

- Yes. And I could lose not only a family, but also the life. The precipice ahead loomed. So one fine day I have dared. Me have brought to hospital.

- and how took place treatment?

- the Pricks which are beating off desire to drink, all procedures when you lead up to a nausea, lasted weeks two or three. But before an extract to me doctors have told that the heaviest at me will begin after hospital. A leah I will manage to refrain from alcohol supposedly.

I could force to REFUSE FLATLY myself even from such, apparently, innocent temptations, as a champagne drink in a circle of friends or a beer glass. Yes, it was difficult to resist, but if I though time have given in on arrangements, to me the end would come.

In a word, when left hospital, I have understood what to come back in it again for what I do not want. On - to mine, I even have established any record on run - have so quickly jerked from hospital to a tram stop. Since then also I do not drink.

the small dope will not prevent

- it is clear that at everyone the life, recipes universal are not present. But nevertheless both in Latvia, and in the next Russia at many from - for predilections for alcohol families, career fall...

- Recipes at me on this bill are not present. Short of advice: If you have turned to the alcoholic and have decided to fasten with binge to do it it is necessary resolutely and irrevocably. For all hundred percent and for ever. And it is necessary to refuse all drinks in which is though a few alcohol, - both from beer, and from wine.

However, I envy those people who have brakes. If I have these brakes, I with pleasure would drink. Especially when sometimes you will have heard plenty such in a diet, involuntarily there is a desire to get drunk.

- and I - that thought that you on a broader scale the opponent of alcohol as that...

- Is not present, why? Set of people drink on 50 grammes of cognac almost daily, and anything. The same Frenchmen, Italians, as it is known, without wine practically have not dinner. But from - for it they not became is universal alcoholics. A few to drink for a tone in the company it it is ideal. The small dope to be liberated, will not prevent. And I during this moment sit in a corner - such gloomy, as usual (speaking it, Pauls laughs. - a bus) . And I should look at all it. It is especially unpleasant, when people, having been overzealous with drinks, become fools.

- and truth that yours neulybchivost and a little specific humour when you whether sneer, whether speak seriously, partly are a consequence of what you have refused binge?

- Defective myself I do not feel, if you wanted to hear it. Yes, first, during two - three years, it was heavy to constrain all time of. And then, when has got used, I sometimes in the companies even incurred a role of the host.

at Pugachevoj all the periods

- it is interesting, and a leah it was difficult during those periods when worked with Pugachevoj and Leontevym? The bohemia how we already spoke, after all assumes feasts?

- At first we at the nights at Alla houses sat. Who wanted, that drank, anybody never forced anybody. Perhaps only someone on ignorance suggested me to drink. But I apologised and refused. The second time of offers did not arrive any more.

- and Leontev at all does not drink?

- Is not present, he drinks sometimes, but, I think, it is necessary for it for unloading.

- and Alla Borisovna?

- At it the periods all. And on mood depends. She can keep to a diet long time, and then - again to relax.

armour-piercing the Tonic - And have stopped how to smoke?

- Smoking to me never brought pleasures. It has been connected only with binge. Drank, and after that it would be desirable to light. When has stopped to drink, still couple of years continued to smoke, but also that without finishing smoking a cigarette even to half. Gradually it became more and more opposite. Cigarettes the Tonic without the filter is that still a bomb. So interdictions for smoking I support.

juice for New year

- Here a train feasts now have gone: Christmas, New year, then orthodox Christmas, then old New year, Tatjanin day... In a word, occasions will drink big set. When you still, what is called, used, how you struggled with a hang-over?

- If you begin next morning on new, have badly put. It is good still if all is limited to a beer mug. So it was impossible to me... So, I will repeat, all individually. And interdictions - the big nonsense. All these dry laws have turned out a complete fiasco. Became even worse. Another matter that people have understood, is a shame what to get drunk. But it is easy to speak, when in each shop a huge choice of alcohol and it on a kind. Certainly, it is the big business, one of the most profitable in the world, but at the expense of what and at the expense of whom this money overworks?

- and in New year that you will drink at midnight?

- Juice!


Pauls with its future wife have acquainted in Odessa when after a concert acquaintances have led to it for side scenes the charming student of a faculty of foreign languages Svetlana Yepifanov. Then Rajmond has left, they corresponded, while the former inhabitant of Odessa did not become rizhankoj and the wife of the composer. Who knows, if not it that the Maestro known for the whole world would create with itself nowadays.