Rus News Journal

And you wandered?

Feodor of GROOMS, the traveller:

- And time and again. Both in Sargasso sea, and on Chukotka. The fear has come, when the yacht in Atlantic has turned over, but I prayed and remained is live.

Phillip KIRKOROV, the singer:

- Yes I all life wander: in search of itself, songs, images. Thank God, has found an inspiration source - my favourite wife!

Matvej SHPARO, the traveller:

- We three together crossed Greenland on skis, among us there was a guy - the invalid, in one of days snowstorm has risen, I have lost track companions. Visibility - a zero. Where to go - it is not known. But I followed the main rule - not to give in to a panic, and all has ended normally.

Andrey SOKOLOV, the actor, the director:

- Many years ago I have lost the way in wood akkurat before New year. We have gone to celebrate a feast on a summer residence, I was by the car with the friend of the friend. On one of turns we have gone not to that party and have called in in any solitude: around the wood, any live soul. And I went at that time on the Zhiguli and this nice car there and then and zavjazlo in the nearest snowdrift. More shortly, New year celebrated with the girlfriend of the friend in wood. The friend then has strongly taken offence at me.

Victor of GOATS, the climber, the cave explorer and the documentation officer:

- the First passage of caves where to you nobody was, in mounts of Abkhazia is a mixture of interest and fear, especially when steams shared to move one by one. Never you know, where there is a lateral course and that waits for you behind turn or a blockage. In these conditions it was necessary to wander time and again, but to me always carried.

Yury the ROD, the singer, the composer:

- Long time I wandered spiritually. And just now, in the 45, I start to comprehend wisdom which could comprehend and in ten. The wife supports me. And we even have given the son to a sunday school.

Andrey ILLESH, the inveterate fisherman, the publisher:

- I fish on the wild Far East rivers. Once to one of them I delivered by the helicopter the young guy. High, beautiful, the Afghan . All kind it showed that the abrupt. But, when during flight the thunder-storm has begun, outright struhnul, has started to turn and as a result has landed me at all there where it is necessary. And at me with itself neither phone, nor a portable radio set. A place deaf. In general, I have got out by miracle. About ulove could not be and speeches.

Nikolay HARITONOV, the main landowner in the State Duma:

- I never both did not fornicate anywhere and did not rush about. Neither in woods, nor on life. I did all osoznanno and went on foot much.