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The Moscow children have poisoned in Crimea

with Patients infektsionki there were boys and girls at the age from 10 till 15 years, all Russians - from Moscow Region and Ekaterinburg. Children had symptoms of intestinal disease - a headache, a nausea, belly-aches, a diarrhoeia, the raised temperature, and at some - cough. Presumably, pioneers have flirted on water-melons, plums and apricots from the market.

physicians the Ruby first tried to consult by own strength, but business has taken a serious turn - it was necessary to contact area . In hospital from children took necessary analyses.

- results of the analysis will be known only on Sunday, - tells the deputy the main health officer of Crimea Alexander Hajtovich. - Then definitive conclusions will be drawn. The preliminary diagnosis - gastroenterokolit.

the Razdolnensky hospital was already visited by the Minister of Health of Crimea and took a situation under personal control.

well and camp the Ruby continues work. To the aid to leaders and workers of a first-aid post there has arrived a brigade of doctors from republican SES for carrying out of all necessary protivoepidemicheskih actions. Among rubinovtsev there are 208 more children from Russia .


Igor FEDORISHIN, the head physician of the Central regional hospital in Spacious:

- the Situation not such terrible. Now among children is not present seriously ill. One child while in a moderate severity level status. But tomorrow already will be in satisfactory. I promise it.

the information on each of the diseased can be learnt by phone (103806553 9 - 27 - 52.