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The choir of night

That new to tell about the Moon? It is old, as the world, already billions years turns round the Earth, never having got off from a rhythm. There was it for a long time as consider, having separated from our planet when the Earth represented a lump hot porridge . There was it as a result stolknovenja planets to a heavenly body in size about Mars.

all live sees the Moon in the sky from a birth to death and accepts it as a reality, as something eternal. At me the Moon - the earliest childhood memory. Night. The father with mum carry to a cart sheaves, and I sit on mezhe. Bite mosquitoes, any sparks in the distance flicker, and above in the sky something shines big and bright. Asked mother: when there could be it? to you at that time minulo two and a half a year . From that memorable conversation when I see the full Moon, I smile: here it, old, the reliable friend.

the moon - the only thing from the heavenly bodies which surface can be considered with open years. And us always occupies: that there for shades, mugs and pockmarks ? The scientists studying the Moon in telescopes, explain: places dark are the seas, however waterless - the stiffened plain of the poured out lava. Places light - vozvyshenja and mounts, and pockmarks - falling traces on the Moon of heavenly stones. Hitting about a surface of our companion, they plavjat it, forming deepenings in diameter sometimes in tens kilometres.

the moon with huge speed flies in heavenly space, but cannot depart - pritjazhene the Earth as on a rope, it keeps. Under the same laws dvizhutsja the companions started by the person. But they all - taki come back sooner or later to the Earth, them strongly rarefied atmosphere of the Earth brakes even. And the Moon far. To it more than three hundred thousand kilometres. And all - taki this heavenly body closest to us - it is possible to calculate force of a mutual attraction of the Earth and the Moon. Visually this force can be seen, observing regular sea inflow - otlivy.

And with foggy - far times the Moon helped people to divide year into approximately equal parts. Ancient this calendar was saved until now, every month in a year is a complete revolution of the Moon round the Earth.

all told should be known to the schoolboy of the senior classes. But all the same the Moon is mysterious, and at it continue to look, how on a miracle. And if knowledge is not present absolutely? Here a case special, forcing to remember my friend, to Agafju Lykov, all life (now to it fifty seven) from a birth residing in a taiga and anything, except molelnyh books and experience of life of the parents, long not knowing. It nevertheless was in a family a priestess of time kept count to days and for many years of isolation of a family for one day (!) Has not got off in computation of time. As it is reached without radio, calendars, without notches on a tree ? Agafja tried to explain to me, but I have not acquired a lesson, I remember only: by means of the old book In rutse summer ( In hands time ) In a combination to new moons.

once to the Moon in conversation we have again returned. Artist Sergey Usik wintering in a mansion of Agafi after a personal vital drama, has come to the senses and has left to Kharkov to relatives. And a year later has arrived taezhnitsu to come to see and what for - I do not know - has brought with myself a telescope. Here and I have just appeared. In serene evening Sergey has put a pipe on a tripod - began to look at stars, and most of all on the Moon. here and you have a look - I have told Agafe. She was embarrassed - a leah guilty? But curiosity nevertheless has forced it to rise on the turned bucket and to cling to a fragment of glass. She has jumped off discouraged: the Deceit is all. The choir is not present... We at first have not understood. have a look once again... has had a look. Also has already firmly told: the Choir is not present...

Having had supper, Agafja till midnight thumbed through at a candle of the book and, at last, has solemnly brought to me one, opened in a proper place: Here... On a picture in the book there was all a familiar drawing: the Moon in image kruglolitsej women - and beams in the parties. Agafja expected that in the machine brought by Sergey, this choir will be visible, and it was not. Alone with Sergey in the morning we have laughed. But how to explain Agafe, what such the Moon?

with Karpom Osipovichem (father Agafi) too there was at me a conversation. There were we a hut at night. Over a taiga the Moon shone, and we have spoken a quarter of hour about it. I have asked: a leah knows the Carp of Osipovich, what on the Moon there were people, went there by carts? The old man has told that to it some times was spoken about it by geologists, but he does not believe. the moon - a star divine. Who, except angels, can reach there? And how it is possible to go and go headfirst?

and how all was with flights to the Moon? In 1959 the Soviet device the Moon - 2 for the first time has reached surfaces of the natural companion of the Earth. It was not believed: Really it is possible to reach the Moon?

then was much still flights with soft landing, with flight of the desired purpose. Summer day (on July, 20th, 1969) when declared also has come: three Americans fly to the Moon, and will be shown, how they will land on the Moon . The Whole world in that hour sat at TVs, and we have seen strange, without the wings, the flying machine reminding a bug. Two people similar on dolls with white suitcases behind the back, leaving from a bug established rigid (the wind on the Moon is not present) a striped flag, went about the ship. All was real, all occurred at that very moment when I, sitting at the TV, rolled for stirring grain balls. And all - taki all resembled a fantastic film - people on the Moon!. Later Americans six more times on the Moon have visited, went by carts, samples of a ground collected, photographed, showed, how the old woman - the Earth looks from the Moon.

That it was possible to learn in these space odissejah? Well, in - the first, as well as it was supposed, on the Moon have not found out life signs - wilderness. It has not appeared on the Moon of a dust layer which very much were afraid. Footwear of researchers prominala as though a fragile crust, leaving ribbed traces. The videocamera has shown lunar landscapes. They were not always identical - plains, the mounts, separate very big stones. An attraction, as well as counted, was on the Moon six times less terrestrial. The satchel of a survival suit weighing on the Earth as much, how much a potato bag (81 kg), on the Moon, was easy, as a walking backpack. And to go on the Moon was unduly easily - widely having stepped, not at once it was possible to stop. Temperatures were here not terrestrial: on the sun plus 120, in a shade - a minus 160. It was interesting to scientists to learn: lunar breeds have appeared same, as on the Earth that confirmed a hypothesis: the Moon was when - that a part of the Earth.

All it were learnt by very courageous, brave people. But it were nevertheless people - not robots. Astronaut Oldrin remembers in the confessionary book that very much worried, why not it, and its companion Nile Armstrong has stepped from the ship into the Moon the first. And more he wrote, stirring those minutes how was big. anybody on the Earth did not suspect, observing us on the Moon that the linen below a belt at me was wet .

But Oldrin has endured the biggest test, already having returned to the Earth. lunar heroes were everywhere in great demand. Oldrin writes that it was tempted with a role of the superperson - any meetings, celebration, a feast, Hollywood, journalists... It has come to an end that have secretly placed the astronaut in a psychiatric clinic. Being in America, I saw Oldrina already healthy, on a TV screen it advertised German Volkswagen .

More circumspectly also has more wisely led the American Gagarin - Nile Armstrong. A leah itself has thought or psychologists have advised, but it has evaded from terrestrial overloads having satisfied with a role of the professor in a city of Cincinnati, also has flatly refused all vanity, including from dialogue with journalists. I knew about it. But when in 1972 with Boris Strelnikov we prepared for the big automobile travel across America, I have persuaded him to be converted in gosdep with the request to ask Armstrong to meet with Russian travellers . To considerable our surprise, Nile has agreed. But after a long trip on twenty six states in Cincinnati we have reached with delay and, as to spite, in the evening on Friday. Armstrong`s secretary has submitted a note. We have read that Armstrong for two days has left from a city. He offered, if we can, it to wait. But Boris in Washington was expected by urgent business, in addition we were so izmochaleny travel that, having left Armstrong written questions, have decided to go.

After a month the rather short letter has come to Moscow from America. Armstrong politely regretted that the meeting has not taken place. On set to it psychological questions from answers it has evaded ( do not take offence. In the same way I react to questions of the American journalists ). And to two concrete questions has responded. 1. The name of Russian scientist Kondratyuk is not known to me. (Ju. V.Kondratyuk in 30 - h has calculated years the most favourable scheme of disembarkation of people on the Moon. Under this scheme Americans worked.) 2. A moonstone for memory in my house is not present . And signature Neil Armstrong. It I, certainly, store the letter as expensive relic.

and the Moon meanwhile, as well as millions years before present human vanity on the Earth, regularly goes around our planet, sending soft bewitching light. The enamoured sigh under the Moon at the nights. Hungry wolves bark at the Moon at the frosty nights. Agafja Lykov in the Siberian taiga on - former is conducted by a calendar bill to days, observing for pojavlenem serpika newborn month. And looking at the Moon full, in mysterious shades on it she guesses a choir - the person of the quiet, counterbalanced woman.