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Carps from Samarkand searches for protection at Putin

From Malaysia on a visit to Islam Karimov Vladimir Putin has arrived yesterday in 6. 05 mornings, as well as appeared in the program, with atypical accuracy for it. Samarkand was prepared for a meeting of two presidents on - serious: hardly probable not under each plane tree on kortochkah security guards in the civilian, artfully as it seems to them, masking under simple people miss. A number of streets is simply blocked - as a result of movement on a city for its inhabitants were reduced to a minimum. And still some local have shown resource and sharpness. So, to one of the Russian journalists in the centre of Samarkand whence - that of - for bushes the citizen of years of fifty was suddenly threw.

- carps Anatoly Borisovich, the employee of the company Kosky - it was presented. - you after all will see companion Putin?

and the citizen has asked to pass the President of Russia that local hakim, or, on - to yours, the governor Has given instructions to take down its private house to the address: Gagarin`s street, journey 2, a structure 12. To data of companion Putin, and court on it, Karpova, the party, and neighbours, but callous people hakima - the governor the nobility do not want anything. And who if not Putin, has to, on its thought protect Russian in Uzbekistan?

two presidents have meanwhile started negotiating process: that development of relations between our countries, a situation in Afghanistan brakes, fight against terrorism, SHOS, and so forth

- What who told EvrAzES, us unites much more, than separates, - our Uzbek colleague argued at this time in a lobby. - at least such example. Is at us in Samarkand it is wine - vodka distillery of a name of Hajdarova. And know, why it so is named? In memory of very conscientious director which in 85 - the m at the height of struggle for sobriety has destroyed to year by order of from above huge party of production.

- and that? - We have not understood.

- And then, without having transferred a criminal conduct, director Hajdarov has died directly on a workplace, - that has unexpectedly concluded.

on the ending of this strange story about a generality of interests of two people to the press at last there were two presidents.

- we talked about three hours - much more, than was planned, - Islam Karimov has told. He has underlined importance of the further development of communications with Russia, especially pressing necessity of presence for Uzbekistan of Gazprom. Vladimir Putin against it did not mind, having noticed that else it is possible to achieve motions in power, military - technical cooperation and light industry.