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Abramovich and Mamut under themselves football row?

under the name Eurofootball, in monetary sense quite load-lifting (pair - a three of billions for three ten leading commands), it is impossible to wholesale all this large object. Under UEFA laws one person has no right to own several clubs. It is made that financial interests of champions of commands playing, say, in League were not crossed.

Abramovich has bought Chelsea but now has no right to pull a hand, say, to to Milan or Bavaria . And consequently hearings that the oligarch is the actual owner of Moscow CSKA, by official sources are in every possible way denied. Moreover, the oligarch declared that it is ready to construct for soldiers stadium. But it - is simple so, not for the sake of commerce.

what for to Abramovich Chelsea quite clearly. The chief of Chukotka has in a flash turned in the opinion of Europe from one of hundred unattractive, dangerous and from not clear origin mammon of the Russian oligarchs to the known and respectable businessman for the Old World. And all - that for hundred lemons c.u. Well let for 200 - taking into account purchase of players. Almost it is for nothing!

there and then there were conversations that other Russian businessman Alexander Mamut has decided to be spent on Moscow a Torpedo . And ostensibly conversation goes round 50 million green . But, under our data, the maximum price a Torpedo without stadium (in itself Luzniki stand much more) for today 10 million. A maximum 20! Probably, the difference in inquiries of the seller and the buyer also is for today a stumbling stone. It prevents to give to interested parties though any distinct comment concerning purchase.

it is clear that oligarchs through football try to work on the image. And here Abramovich`s investment unequivocally is more favourable. How acted Chelsea the governor of Chukotka has already received the necessary press. Mamutu it is not enough to buy a Torpedo . It is not enough to guide to rustle by purchase of superplayers (Alexey Smertin - 7 million euro, Savio - 6 million euro, Zhardel - 13 million euro). a Torpedo it is necessary to win something to make in Europe furore. While investments of Mamuta in a brand can pay off only in Russia. It turns out that approximately for the same money Abramovich works on the Old World, and Mamut - on home market. For what it is necessary for the second oligarch, except it anybody will not respond, but anything, except respect, domestic fans does not call.

how much is to play in football?
the Oligarch Club Its price Players Their price Total
R.Abramovich Chelsea 100 Damen Daff, Veron, Anri 96 196
A.Mamut a Torpedo 20 - 50 Zhardel, Smertin, Savio, Larsson 38 58 - 98
(All sums - in millions euro. Players and the sums which were offered or offered) are named.