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In Moscow have drowned a submarine

Someone learns in this history tragedy “ Kursk “ someone will remember  destruction “ Slavs “. By the way, the working name of a film was “ Farewell “ Slavs “.

Naval officers Marat Basharov and Sergey Makovetsky have played. Them insured dajvingisty the Moscow club “ the Octopus “. “ to octopuses “ too it was possible to play. Corpses...

to the main thing “ to an octopus “ to Andrey Martjushevu in addition have set the task - to teach the operator to remove under water.

on a land all is simple - if the chamber has to “ to drive off “ the operator together with it roll on “ to rails “. And under water rails you will not lay.

- somebody from us pulled akkuratnenko the operator for feet back, - Martjushev explains. - When the person looks in the chamber, he any more does not see anything on the parties. Action occurs on a submarine, and it is necessary to be entered in apertures of compartments.

to rehearse as operator Ilya Dyomin will be entered in these apertures, have suspended an abuse - hupy (which twist on a waist), and Ilya floated through them.

Scale shootings passed in Barents sea. Actors long rehearsed a countenance “ tooth on tooth does not get “. It has appeared, in vain. Lips became blue without a make-up. The firm which should be engaged in heating of water has brought, and actors played the ice! In the first day - degrees 12.

Basharov and Makovetsky behaved self-denyingly. Teeth knocked, but did not surrender! And even vodka did not drink!

the ending - boat explosion on depth of 72 metres (from here the picture name) - removed on “ Mosfilm “. In pavilion have established pool. Have shipped in it a cardboard model of a submarine. Also have filled pool with water.

cinema-men are seldom limited to one double. And in water especially. In water subjects get foolish property - to float.

- an orange return into place! - the director shouts. - in last shot it was on the other hand. And the first-aid set develop.

so in water “ to naval officers “ it was necessary to sit long enough.

- 10 minutes of a film - days of work, - are considered by Martjushev. - In 10 mornings have begun - in 10 evenings left. 12 hours per water that unfortunate 5 minutes to remove! We participated in shootings of documentary films earlier, but there all is easier!

shootings of  destruction of a boat have postponed for last day. To blow up correctly it it was possible only from several doubles. All looks so - as if the flame on water has run. Pyrotechnics by air spray “ artful “ the dust, sawdust, and then set fire to them.

- the large object so has jumped up, already firemen were dumbfounded! - Martjushev speaks. - And we under water sit at this time. Our problem - for feet under water to drag off in time actors, when fire goes. And further to hold them there on “ the air “ how much it is required. And me in addition have suggested to play the lost submariner. The person in the chamber! On cine signs this big luck. It means that in usual life with you happens nothing.

... In the next pavilion TV men removed the New Year`s spark. In a smoking-room poisoned jokes Father Frost, the wet skin-diver and “ a corpse “.


the Film “ 72 metres “ it is removed by request of the First channel. In the nearest teleseason we will see 3 - 4 series. It will pass in cinemas in 2 - a production version.