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Do not steal a fur-tree in Finland

every year where - that a month before a New Year`s eve group Ivanushki International arranges voting: to work in feasts or not. This year as the majority a voice it has been decided to work. Cyril, Oleg and Andrey will act in several night clubs, and will finish night in country boarding house.

- and after all there were times when we celebrated New year so that all city hooted, - speaks Red. - I, for example, in a city of Sochi have managed once to steal... A palm tree.

business was so. Andrey celebrated New year together with the old friends in one of the Sochi restaurants. Probably, have celebrated well because on an exit from club - hour so in three nights - Red has suddenly solved: I want a palm tree. The friends who have fallen out together with it from club, have supported idea. More shortly, present such picture: the person absolutely drunk seven people in the centre of a resort city dig who than can the become covered with hoarfrost earth. New Year`s celebratory suits are smeared in a dirt, hop has already disappeared.

- then it seemed to me that at a palm tree roots to Black sea, - remembers Red. - but all of us - taki have dug out this tree. And then still kilometres eight dragged this palm tree to the house of my mum.

the most surprising in this history that have then planted a palm tree in a tub. And it has got accustomed! Till now, coming on a visit to mum, Red admires on uvorovannoe a tree, remembering what arduous toil it has got.

and here for a fashionable youth team aerodens which name new favourites Pugachevoj, similar wrongdoing hardly has not ended is sad. Business was last year in Finland.

- we have decided that the real New year can be only in the homeland of Santa Claus, - children remember. - have removed a cosy cottage in one small Finnish small town. Have covered a beautiful appetizing table, have hanged out garlands on walls, have drunk on hundred gramme. And here - that we understand that without a fur-tree New year will be any artificial.

- listen, and let`s cut down a fur-tree in the nearest lesochke, - the Crumb has offered.

- you that, have become crazy, same Finland, fast in tjurjagu will send, - has tried to cool girls of Snakes.

- yes here on hundred kilometres around - any policeman.

is shorter, girls all - taki uboltali than the Dragon on illegal actions, even have found out among tools an accurate hatchet.

- I took an axe, have approached on our rented car on the nearest lesochku and that I was found out by natives, have gone far away to wood behind a fur-tree, - the Dragon remembers.

there, in a thicket, has found an accurate tree, has cut down it and on the traces has gone back.

- and time - that - is closer to ten evenings, darkness - it`s pitch dark. More shortly, I have lost the way. Strayed on wood of hour two, did not leave yet on ours road, but in several kilometres from a cottage. What words broke from my mouth when I per this ill-fated fur-tree, am terrible to remember. And in completion of all already near to a cottage about me the police car sharply brakes. well that`s all, - I have thought then, - hi, the Finnish prison!

and suddenly the back door opens, of it fall out the Crumb with the Stinker and rush on a neck to the Snake. It has appeared, the charter to wait, little girls have gone out of doors. And there - the empty car. They have outright got a fright and after long meetings have decided - taki to call police. Simple thought that all of them can send to prison or impose the huge penalty, at all has not come to mind.

- as we persuaded hot Finnish guys not to apply to us retaliatory measures, I even will not remember, - the Dragon speaks. - one I will tell: All New Year`s eve we communicated with local law enforcement bodies. So ours to you advice: at all do not steal a fur-tree in the Finnish woods - to itself will be more expensive.